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Still bleeding lightly 3 weeks on

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catbus Thu 17-Apr-14 12:35:32

Just that really. Had ERPC 3 weeks and a day ago- for the first few days no bleeding at all and since it has varied- mainly brown and not much in volume. It stops and starts. Problem is now that due to me wearing liners all the time, I'm really sore and have thrush sad
Is it relatively normal to still be having loss this far from the op? I've lost the leaflet they gave me..
Just really wanting to not wear liners as I'm really uncomfortable now. Having had flu straight after coming out I'm desperate to feel normal again!

RunDMC Thu 17-Apr-14 17:04:34

catbus - me again.. same story here. ERPC 3 weeks ago and was just about to post to say still stopping and starting here too. It has pretty much tailed off for me though since last Sunday and just been mucousy (tmi I know) and brown since then. I am sore in a tender sort of way and actually wondered whether it's mid cycle ovulation type pain and saw GP this morning as I was a bit worried. He said all fairly normal and only to worry if discharge was smelling strongly or heavy bleeding started up again. So feeling a little reassured here but like you just want to close this chapter, and not be reminded of it every time I go to the loo!

Hope it clears up for you soon...

RedRoom Thu 17-Apr-14 17:25:10

Have sent a PM x

catbus Mon 21-Apr-14 16:23:03

Thankyou both. Still on and off here and have taken pg test- negative. Think I will give it another week and then see GP if still bleeding. This sure does suck hmm

Tryingno1 Mon 21-Apr-14 17:17:53

I had bleeding for 2 and half weeks after mine (was light twds last week but still there) Think 1 week is more common but obv everyone is diff. Got worried and got a repeat scan which showed no retained products. If pt is negative things that's very reassuring. (But a hpt can be postive up to 6 weeks as can take a while for hormones to drop for those worrying with a postive hpt!)

catbus Fri 25-Apr-14 16:09:57

Hmm- well, a few days ago I started cramping and I think I've got a period.. It's not very heavy but I've had a bit of cramping and all the usual symptoms like clumsiness, being hot etc.
I cannot believe I didn't even have a break from brown bleeding- I was expecting it to be a heavy period when I got it confused
Is this usual? Because it's now over a month, neg pg test and even this heavier bleeding is stop start. My womb hates me sad

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