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coping or not?

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SpecialCircumstances Sun 30-Mar-14 20:56:38

Thankyouti everyone who commented on my last thread re 4th miscarriage.
Sometimes I feel like I'm coping ok- trying to 'move on' with life by looking for a job in a Jew area, considering taking a PhD place and decluttering like mad. But then I just suddenly get overwhelemed an just want to cry. Dh is being fairly helpful but when he asks what's wrong all I can say is that I want my babies. Which just sounds really over dramatic!
Not helped by that flipping archers episode ob Friday night- sobbing in the motorway was not good!

bakingtins Tue 01-Apr-14 23:09:16

Didn't listen to the Archers (my parents will disown me) but coming to terms with recurrent losses is a huge deal, you are not being melodramatic. It sounds like you are being brilliantly positive most of the time, you are allowed to have moments or days when it's difficult. Have you had any counselling to help you?

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