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What' going on, is this normal?

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healthyhippo Sat 29-Mar-14 13:39:56

Hello again,

Basically I had a mmc last September, and was told everything passed (scanned). Kept spotting and a month after I lost a huge piece of tissue, flooded my clothes and the after the bleeding stopped. Had what I thought was a normal period in December and was pregnant again in January. Between times I had an odd raw feeling on the left but epac had dismissed this so I thought everything was just healing.

Once pregnant again the feeling went away. Unfortunately had another mmc mid February but didn't bleed very much. Again nothing left when scanned a week later at epac (they saw a tiny pole on the first scan and sac etc was gone the next week). Spotted for quite a bit heavy and less so for the next few weeks. Epac not worried as -ve hpt. GP said to wait it out. Spotting and bleeding eased up a bit and had lots of cm with streaking of blood over the next weeks. (Thought could be ovulating or something).

Now I'm bleeding again quite heavily which I was assuming is my period however it is getting heavier (day 7 now) and now its uncomfortable to sit down, feels like a pressure in my back passage (but no toilet issues, everything ok that way). Have the raw feeling back on and off but no cramping, just lots of bleeding.

Not sure if its worth seeing my GP but one thing I have been thinking about is whether it could be that I had an infection after the first mmc and this caused the second to fail and is grumbling along down there?

Was referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic but you only get to see the consultant if your bloods come back abnormal apparently so really have no one to ask sad

Any thoughts welcome!

GandTnow Sat 29-Mar-14 15:51:54

Hi HealthyHippo, so sorry for your losses. thanks It sounds like you have been through a terrible few months and I'm sure that all these on going issues must make it harder to begin to process everything.

I think in your situation I certainly would be going back to the GP for some help. After I had a mmc I had a normal cycle and then started to bleed heavily some time after the ERPC. The GP gave me medication to stop the bleeding. My situation was different to yours, but if you are worried and in pain then its worth a visit.


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