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After ERPC questions (long, sorry)

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catbus Thu 27-Mar-14 13:00:53

I had an ERPC yesterday. I have a few questions (this might be long, sorry)
Long story but confirmed last week after 3rd scan as MMC- sac carried on growing but no baby. Was about 10 weeks.
After the spaced out feeling from anaesthetic started to wear off last night (had op about 5.45pm after waiting since 11am sad) when I was home, I suddenly started having awful pains up my bum shock and then cervix- was like contractions not cramping. This happened a few times only to be abated by sitting rocking on the loo. What is that about?

It said in the leaflet I would have antibiotics, which I didn't end up being prescribed (although I have Naproxen as a painkiller/anti inflammatory, one of which I took last night.) Is that because they're confident they 'got it all'?

Next question- I have hardly had any bleeding so far and minimal pain (other than what happened above) and shooting pains in my womb area. Is it likely to get heavier/ more painful?

Last one- when they do the op, do they put a camera up there so they can see that they've got everything?
Sorry if I sound naive- I had an MMC a while ago that resulted in an a ERPC because stuff got stuck in and behind my cervix. The whole thing was so traumatic that I worry they've missed something this time and I have to go in again sadsad
I can't remember much about bleeding or pain afterwards as I blanked it out..

Sorry for length of post- I suppose I just worry that I shouldn't be feeling this physically 'ok' already. I'm feeling numb and relieved to be out of limbo..

bonzo77 Thu 27-Mar-14 13:15:58

Sorry for your loss.

I'm not sure about those pains you had. I didn't have them. It might have been from where your cervix was stretched during the op. Hopefully things will settle soon.

I had no pain and virtually no bleeding after mine. I didn't take any painkillers or have any antibiotics. The recovery was really quick, physically anyway.

They don't put a camera inside. They are very thorough. If you have any suspicion that you have retained products give you gp or the ward a call. You'll know if you do, pain, fever, on going bleeding. Also if you POAS you should start seeing the line fade and become a BFN. Get some cheap tests off eBay for this. I had a BFN after 5 days (May well have been earlier but I didn't test until then).

Hope that helps. The next question for me was when I could ttc again. We started very quickly, really once the bleeding stopped completely. The next few months were hard, and I still think about the baby we lost, even though I've had DS2 since, and got pg with him before my due date, so he wouldn't have been here without that mmc happening.

catbus Thu 27-Mar-14 19:50:26

Thanks for the reply, Bonzo. I suppose I expected more blood than this- maybe it'll be on and off for a while. Just feels quite a strange and lonely time.

bonzo77 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:27:54

It is strange and lonely. Do you have RL support? Despite being married, and close to my family, I felt pretty abandoned after mine. I ended up going to my GP and just crying in her office for about 20 minutes! And MN of course! Keep talking here. There's always someone listening.Do you have DC? DS1 really was the only light in my life during that time.

The bleeding was a bit stop start IIRC. But all contained with pantyliners. I had loads of pads left after DS1, and had sent DH into the loft for them. They came out again after DS2, only to go back in the loft again.

catbus Thu 27-Mar-14 21:28:35

Yes, my husband is my rock currently- as are my four wonderful little people smile
Had a good bawl in the bath just now.. I suppose it's that strange feeling of emptiness- my breasts are stopping hurting which was one of the things that was horrible when I found out the pg was lost- and yet now it's happened I feel sad because it's final, iyswim sad
The loss is teeny and like pink mucus atm- I too am armed with big pads and so far not needed them..
Thanks for listening smile

bonzo77 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:28:16

How are you this morning?

I too found the loss of the physical reminders rather sad. At the time DS1 was only about 21 months and totally oblivious. I'm pleased your DH is there for you.

The due date was sad too. My 12 week scan with DS2 was around the same time. Very bitter sweet.

catbus Fri 28-Mar-14 10:15:22

I'm ok so far thanks. My two youngest are also oblivious although they can see I'm a bit knackered!
I've had no loss at all today?? And before that it's teeny and barely noticeable- it can't have stopped already, surely?
One thing that's a bit shock is that I've not managed to, erm, do a bowel movement since the day before my op- I suspect that's what these pains are..
Am focussing on one day at a time right now smile

RunDMC Fri 28-Mar-14 12:25:47

Catbus I had my ERPC yesterday and had quite
similar pains last night once the original painkillers they must have given me during the op wore off. Had to take paracetamol, ibuprofen and then a couple of hours
later took a dihydrocodeine as was still pretty sore. Eased off today and also have had very light bleeding.

I seem to remember from first time round that this was the case re bleeding for me - like a light period and cleared up after 3/4 days.

Take care

catbus Fri 28-Mar-14 12:33:28

RunDMC I hope you're ok also. Do you have support? I hope you are managing to get well rested and looked after thanks

RunDMC Fri 28-Mar-14 13:27:08

Yes thanks - hubby looking after me and toddler today so am having the day in bed reading trashy magazines and indulging in some unnecessary but therapeutic online retail therapy.

Most annoying thing at the moment is my throat is still very sore from the GA. I think ice cream may be the answer to that though...

catbus Fri 28-Mar-14 18:31:00

Haha! Sounds excellent! Glad you're relaxing- ice cream and online retail therapy sound great- wish I'd have thought of that myself!
I got bored of being in bed today so have ventured into human clothes and an attempt at normality. Suffice to say the kids are being bonkers and life feels the same as it did before so I guess I'm getting there grin

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