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Losing the war- IDK whats happening please help

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TheKat23 Thu 27-Mar-14 12:13:39

July of last year I had my Mirena Coil removed and we were so excited to try for a baby. My husband and I have our own children but none together. I will be 35 this year and I have teenagers. So Jan rolls around and I am positive I am pregnant as I missed two whole cycles. Tests are negative, I go to the Dr and its to find I have a hydrosphinx in my left tube. I have surgery for the partial removal of my tube and on 3-10 get a positive pregnancy test. I will add I wasn't even late for my period yet but I was charting,had an old test laying around n just peed on it. I was so excited and surprised for that positive!
My husband and I went on vacation this past weekend and on Sunday I woke up to brown spotting. There was no hospital to go to, but we looked it up and kept seeing it was normal - implantation bleeding it said as my period should have arrived just the day before. Scared we leave and come home early. The bleeding continued, but it is only when i use the restroom its a brown and dark color and sometimes looks gritty?. I am wearing a light pad and its always clean. I go in to the emergency room and they do an ultrasound trans vaginally. The technician said there was nothing there and my HCG count was only at 40.
I followed up with my dr for another count to see what happens,no results back yet, but they are telling me basically that I have miscarried.
I had one ten years ago and it was simply nothing like this. I have no cramps, no pain, there are no clots, my breasts are still tender, I am constantly nauseous, although that may be from the stress.
I am confused and angry. I feel as if this simply wasn;t meant to happen because of everything I have been through trying.I feel like its my body so I should know whats happening and I don't. Should there be next to no bleeding if I was that early? With an HCG of 40 surely it was very early on. My husband is upset and we aren't really talking about it to each other. I can't talk to my friends because saying it hurts so bad I am a total wreck and have no clue as to whats going on with my body. Thank you for listening.

Forester Thu 27-Mar-14 20:04:37

What you have described does sound odd as even if you had had a very early MC I would still expect you to bleed more than you describe. And it doesn't sound like you've had an AF either.

I think you should speak with your GP again once you have had the results back.

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