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Sudden slump

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Fruli Fri 21-Mar-14 16:20:44

Suffered my first MC about three weeks ago. I wasn't convinced I was pregnant - had a few vague symptoms but hadn't tested. A week of heavy bleeding and largish clots followed but really minimal pain, then I passed a foetus, probably about 7 weeks. So I was suddenly certain.

At the time I was upset but not devastated - please don't judge, but as I'd never 'known' the pregnancy (by this I mean BFP, scan, etc.) I didn't feel the loss as acutely. I continued to go to work, I thought I was putting it behind me. But the last couple of days I've felt really non-specifically glum. I'm passing slightly bloodstained thin mucus after about two days off. Is this hormones, ovulation, a delayed reaction...?

bakingtins Fri 21-Mar-14 18:59:30

A combination, I would think. It was probably an enormous shock at the time and you are only just coming to terms with it. Everyone reacts differently and all you can do is accept that however you are feeling on a given day is ok. flowers

BigPawsBrown Mon 24-Mar-14 01:11:53

I am so sorry to hear this. Really hope you are feeling a teeny bit less sad today.

Fruli Tue 25-Mar-14 21:02:06

Thank you - feeling a bit better now, pizza and a large glass of red helped, and a beautiful new dress for a summer wedding (that even if I get pregnant again will still fit). Every cloud...

BigPawsBrown Thu 27-Mar-14 10:50:41

Link to dress please!

Fruli Sun 30-Mar-14 18:07:28

Sorry, BigPaws, didn't see this until today. Link is [ here]

Fruli Sun 30-Mar-14 18:08:21


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