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How much bleeding to expect? MMC 7 wks now 10.

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TheJumped Fri 28-Feb-14 23:22:26

I thought I was 10 weeks pg but started bleeding very lightly, and scan confirmed no heartbeat and baby measuring 7 weeks. That was a week ago and I'm still only bleeding very lightly, using usual pads, less cramping than my usual (light) periods! I haven't left the house in the past week as I'm scared of a big gush - might this not even happen? I have another scan booked and an ERPC provisionally booked the day after, but not until next week - nearly 2 weeks after I started bleeding. Is there any danger of infection? I don't think I've passed anything other than some blood - reading everyone's stories it seems like I have worse to come, but how much? Might this be it? I am also feeling relatively pragmatic about it all and not doing too badly emotionally, but the fear of sudden pain and blood is scaring me more than what's actually happened / happening if that makes sense.

Metalhead Sat 01-Mar-14 00:28:07

Hi, my mmc was confirmed at 10 weeks, baby must have shopped growing around 7 wks. Didn't have any bleeding until the day my loss was confirmed, then started bleeding properly (although still lightly) the day after. This was Friday, on Sunday evening I started getting quite painful cramps, around 2am the cramps got worse and I passed the sac and placenta within about an hour. Carried on bleeding (medium flow) until Tuesday, when I had an ercp because there was still some tissue left.

So, from my experience, I'd say your bleeding will get worse, and you're likely to start cramping too just before you pass the sac, but don't panic! Although it was thoroughly unpleasant passing everything, it wasn't as painful or messy as I'd feared.

Still, if you want the ercp and can bring it forward at all, then I would, just to spare yourself the pain of having a mc at home and then potentially still needing medical intervention. The ercp itself was fine for me, over in half an hour and no pain at all afterwards. Good luck! x

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