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missed miscarriage

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GeorgiaJoy Thu 27-Feb-14 02:56:40

hi everyone in december i found out i was pregnant by a home test after i missed 2 months worth of periods, on january the 4th i had my first meeting with my midwife everything went well later that night i started bleeding not much but was concerned so i rang my midwife and she said to go to a&e to be checked over when i got there they found an infection in my urine but they said it seems everything is okay with my baby but they ran a few test just to be sure. the following day the bleeding stopped so i was not to worried i then had my scan 5days later, i knew something was up so i covered my eyes to try not look at the screen:-( then i got told the devastating news that there was no heartbeat i just couldnt help myself but look at the screen and cry! i then had my d&c i think its called and about 2-3 weeks after i got a normal period now just 3weeks after my first period im bleeding really heavy again &got the worse pains in my lower stomach and keep going to the toilet alot? can someone please help?!

2beornot Thu 27-Feb-14 07:09:49

You must go back to EPU or gp. It's possible that they didn't remove everything during your procedure (ERPC).

I hope you're ok x

bakingtins Thu 27-Feb-14 07:34:37

georgia hope you've been ok overnight. I agree with 2be that this should be checked out. Heavy and irregular periods can be normal after MC but this sounds more dramatic than that do I think you should go back to EPU or the gynae department where you had your op. Hope you are ok.

GeorgiaJoy Thu 27-Feb-14 07:46:26

hi thank you both for your comments im definitely thinking of booking yet another doctors appointment, just getting fed up of keep on going there:-( and yeah not to bad thank you still got a bad belly ache been up a couple of times through the night, not to be rude but i would say the blood is alot darker than normal:-/ and is definitely heavier

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