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Misscarriage no news of scan yet

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sportinguista Tue 11-Feb-14 11:27:08

I'm misscarrying quite painfully at the moment. The worst seems to be over but the GP said he'd get me in at hospital for a scan yesterday or today. Have rung doctors twice but they don't seem to have done anything. Will have to go back to work tomorrow as have told them it's D&V as don't want to share any personals with my manager as she has history of sharing with others (likes drama)!

I'm physically ok in that not dying but in pain and still bleeding. This is first time this has happened to me (was 8 weeks at a guess), my only previous pregnancy resulted in my DS. I've no idea whether I need further medical help GP didn't seem to think I was in imminent danger...

Do I need to press for a scan or should I just leave it and try to heal on my own...

Lottystar Tue 11-Feb-14 12:09:34

Op, I'm sorry this has happened to you. I went through a mc in Oct. You will need a scan to make sure all pregnancy tissue has gone from your womb. They will also give you blood tests to make sure your HCG comes down as it should and you will be advised to do a pregnancy test in a week or so. I can utterly understand why you'd be reluctant to confide in your boss but you may find yourself very emotional and hormonal over the coming days, also sometimes bleeding can come in fits and starts. It may not all happen at once. If you can't talk to her due to worries about confidentiality perhaps her boss instead and explain your situation? You may find work the best place for you and that's fine but don't be scared to take the time you need x

sportinguista Wed 12-Feb-14 08:47:54

So I finally got a call from doctor, scan was supposed to be yesterday (Monday) , he forgot to call me (livid!). So I had to go yesterday and spent all afternoon there because it wasn't scheduled and they just had to fit me in where they could.

I've never been to the place before and it isn't a nice place to be, the staff were very kind no complaints there but you see so many people and you know their hearts are breaking because they've had the worst news. I at least pretty much was sure of what had happened and I have my DS to come home to.

So they couldn't find any remains of the baby (which I knew had passed anyway) so couldn't tell me any whys or even if it had stopped growing earlier etc but the MC is incomplete so they want to wait 48hrs then scan again to make sure all is gone if not perform a D&C under general anaesthetic.

I had to tell work in the end. I don't think my manager knew what to say. I have impressed upon her the need for confidentiality and informed her manager so don't think it'll go further.

So now I wait and hope I don't have to have D&C and I can just get myself back to normal. As my husband says at least we have a beautiful son to focus on and he deserves that.

Bornin1984 Wed 12-Feb-14 08:54:50

Sorry I don't understand, why would u still need a d and c if u passed and there's noting to show on scan?

I have had two, one medical management which was horrific and a d and c, much much kinder!

Take the time off from work, allow yourself to grieve for your baby! Be kind to yourself thanks

sportinguista Wed 12-Feb-14 11:55:00

Doctor says it may be needed to get rid of some matter still there. I'm hoping its all happening naturally as I feel much better today, less blood not as much need to take pain killers.

I do feel grief for the baby, it wasn't planned but it certainly would have been much loved. My son would have loved a sibling and it would have a large welcoming family to be part of.

I don't think we would try again as this is very hard on my body and I'm in my 40s now. If I was younger maybe.

Ruggle Wed 12-Feb-14 12:18:08

I wonder why the doc suggested a d&c after only 48 hours. I was given the choice to wait it out for however long it took, with a scan after a week to check on progress. Took a full week for the last few clots to pass and another week for some remaining blood to clear. They weren't concerned about infection...saying if it was left for "months" it could be problematic, but a few weeks waiting was fine, as long as the sac has passed. I know it is all quite traumatic, and most women don't want to wait for things to happen naturally, but don't be pushed into having surgery if you are happy to wait. It gave me closure to let my body do what it had to do.

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