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sunshinegirl28 Mon 10-Feb-14 09:01:24

Morning all,
Back in December I posted on here and got fabulous advice so hope you don't mind me posting again. I just have a few questions.
I have no children. I miscarried in December (the baby measured 7 weeks 4 days and should have been 10 weeks) and had the ERPC. Then on the next cycle got pregnant and am now miscarrying again (baby measured 6 weeks). I am bleeding constantly but have not passed any clots yet. Booked in for ERPC next Monday.
Is there any risk to fertility to have another ERPC? If I let it happen naturally do I carry on with work as a teacher until it happens? What if it happens at work? Are there any warning signs before it happens or everything just gushes out?

My second concern is that I have now miscarried twice consecutively. I am 31 and don't have any of the risk factors eg alcohol, smoker, weight etc. should I be concerned about this? Is my next pregnancy likely to miscarry too? Is it worth saving to pay for private testing now? We want a baby so badly.

Any words of wisdom on any of the questions above would be hugely appreciated.

duvetheaven Mon 10-Feb-14 13:06:10

Sorry for your recent losses and sadness sunshinegirl. I had two mc's around the age of 36 yrs and was third time lucky with dd when I was aged 37 yrs. I also did not have any obvious risk factors bt I dropped a day off my working week and started acupuncture. The chances of your nxt pregnancy are still in your favour of working out. There is a 1 in 100 chance of having 3 mc's in a row. As for testing , if you can afford it , why not? If you google Dr Shehata Micscarriage clinic there is a lot of helpful info. I know a second Mc really knocks you for six. You have time on your side. As for the process of the MC's , mine have been like heavy periods . I have not heard of ERPC affecting fertility. All good wishes to you thanksx

MyNameIsKenAdams Mon 10-Feb-14 13:11:01

So so sorry to hear that you are MCing again.

My MMC in Sept. was a shock as I got to eleven weeks, assumed all was well, and then MCd. I had red blood, not as heavy as a period, for a few days prior, then on the day ot happened had about two hours of the worst cramping ive ever known (tbh it was at least as painful as my labour two years prior).

I sort of knew instinctively when to go and sit on the toilet, and everything just sort of came away.

Docs had said to come into EPAU afterwards with whatever product we could collect. Baby measured around eight weeks.

Again, so sorry for your loss, and hope it is minimal in terms of pgysical pain.

katieash76 Mon 10-Feb-14 17:49:24

Sorry you are going through this. I've recently had my 7th miscarriage and 2nd erpc. My last erpc was in November and my consultant assured me there was no harm having 2 so close together.

I am also a teacher and luckily my mmc was diagnosed on a Friday and the erpc booked for the Monday so I had the weekend in between to not go too far from home in case anything happened. With previous natural miscarriages I have had one start at school and have left immediately to go home. I too worry about these things happening in lessons which is why I'm glad I didn't have to wait long for my erpc.

I wish you all the best of luck for the future. I am rare with the number of losses I've had but as well as those I also have 1 amazing child. I had him after my 2nd miscarriage and had a perfectly normal pregnancy without any medical assistance.
Take care, big hugs xx

Forester Mon 10-Feb-14 20:18:33

I'm sorry this has happened to you again flowers

I'm not sure of the medical accuracy of this but I've read other posters say that it's best to wait more than one cycle after an ERPC - I think because the lining of the womb has been weakened. As I say I'm not sure of the accuracy of this - but if it is then it may offer some comfort that there's nothing fundamentally wrong and you've just been unlucky again.

I also haven't read of any increased risk to fertility from having two ERPC's.

toomuchtooold Tue 11-Feb-14 07:28:09

I don't think the ERPC is any issue with fertility. I had two natural miscarriages but it's pretty painful and while you get a bit of warning of it starting (basically you start getting contractions/very bad period pains an hour or two before most of the tissue is passed, in my experience) you'd probably want to be at home before that. I'd go for the ERPC. I had one for my third MC and wished I'd done the same for the first two.

On miscarriage testing, it depends on you and how much you can afford. I wish I had done it but then I turned out to have an actual problem (chromosomal abnormality) so of course with 20/20 hindsight I should have got tested... testing costs about £1000. like duvetheaven I've also heard good things about Dr Shehata, or else there's Lesley Regan's clinic at St Mary's in London (I thought she was a cheeky cow but she has a reputation for getting results.) Most fertility clinics can do the testing perfectly well though. Regan wrote a book - "Miscarriage: What Every Woman Needs to Know" which is quite useful in that it details what the NHS tests for and how the tests should be done and stuff.

If you wait and go NHS you'll have to have another miscarriage (and at that one you should be able to get them to do karyotyping on the foetus to check if there was anything wrong) and then they will do the testing but I found it took an awful long time - I had my last miscarriage in November 2009, got a diagnosis 6 months later and was only discussing treatment options by September 2010, and if you need IVF you go to the back of the queue with everyone else, even though infertile people only have to try for a year and you might have been having miscarriages for a lot longer!

BTW the risk factors that you mention only explain a small proportion of miscarriages. Most miscarriages are caused by one-off chromosomal abnormalities in the baby - nobody's fault, and nothing could be done. But the flipside is that your bad luck is most likely to be only that, a bit of bad luck, and the chances are you'll be fine next time. Whatever you do, best of luck.

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