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MMC What to do about work

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PossumBottom Sat 08-Feb-14 17:20:36

I found out last week that I've suffered MMC via a private ealy scan. I was supposed to be 8w but foetus measured 6w with no hb. I've only had very light on/off brown discharge since. I have an NHS scan this week and the hospital have refused medical management beforehand. I'm very distressed by this- I just want it over and done with sad I can understand why, but the loss of control over my own body is tipping me over the edge. I will also probably need to wait another week because the private practice didn't make very detailed measurements and it was transabdominal, not vaginal.

What do I do about work? I don't work in a stressful environment, and my direct boss has let me work at home since Weds as he knows what has happened. I can't really get away with working at home any longer. Did you go bk to work or wait for it to happen at home?

I just don't think I will ever have a baby. It took us 7 months and we had a chemical pregnancy before this one. I also had 2 asymptomatic utis during this pregnancy and I just feel that nothing has gone right.

healthyhippo Sat 08-Feb-14 17:37:19

I'm have the same question myself at the moment. I'm still on probation and don't really want work to know exactly why I'm off.

Last time I had no clue at all what to expect and was fortunate that it all happened at the weekend and I just took the Monday off as I was so weak I couldn't stand up. However I spotted for three weeks after and had a huge flood eventually which luckily was at home. The thought of that happening at work is awful, especially since I teach and the loo is up 10 flights of stairs! I'm really scared of the flooding episodes. However I can't stay off for three weeks 'just in case' sad

TinyTear Sat 08-Feb-14 17:43:27

with my first MC i went to work betwen scans, and took the day off for my ERPC (a wednesday) and the following day, worked at home on the friday and back to normal on monday...

with my last one I went to work between scans but then also had the erpc on a wednesday and took a week and a half off to get my brain in order... my GP gave me a note.

jazzyjenbo Sat 08-Feb-14 20:27:32

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I had a mmc in january and took 2 weeks off work until it was all complete.

You can sign yourself off for a week then provide doctors notes for any further time and they can be discrete.. Mine said gyne condition not miscarriage.

Give yourself time to grieve aswell. Also if you are going to wait for a natural miscarriage you will want to be close to home when this happens.
Take care x

Forester Sat 08-Feb-14 20:54:34

I'm very sorry that you've had an MMC. From personal experience I know that it is a horrible time.

I would hope that the hospital won't make you wait for a third scan as while they need to be cautious at this stage of a pg because a heartbeat wouldn't necessarily be detected I think two scans should be sufficient.

I'm not sure whether you've given much thought to your options. The Miscarriage Association is a good source of information. If you do opt to let nature take its course be aware that it may take some time which may make things harder with work.

In any case I think you should be calling in sick now and not trying to work from home. How long you end up taking off will depend on both physical and emotional factors so I wouldn't try to say when you expect to be back at this stage.

PossumBottom Sun 09-Feb-14 08:21:08

Thanks everyone, I think I will opt for the pill although ive had some diarrhea this morning so maybe that's a sign I may miscarry naturally soon anyway. I just want it over with as soon as possible so that i can get on with my life.

Ill just take off what I need from work. Ill stay at home monday and see what they say at the scan on tuesday. Thanks again x

PossumBottom Sun 09-Feb-14 08:25:23

Btw im only working at home as im in academia and at a crucial part of my career. I cant afford any time off really

PossumBottom Sun 09-Feb-14 08:25:49

Btw im only working at home as im in academia and at a crucial part of my career. I cant afford any time off really

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