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2nd mmc started and then stopped, stings to wee now?

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healthyhippo Sat 08-Feb-14 16:12:54

Found out last week that I'm having my second mmc in 5 months. (Second pregnancy)

Last time I started bleeding the day of the (private) reassurance scan at 9.5 weeks, this showed no growth after 5.5 weeks. Three days later I had the terrible dilation pains and cramping and after spending hours locked in the toilet (in-laws were staying and I didn't want to tell them) passing endless tissue it was pretty much over...apart from the retained tissue which flooded out three weeks later when I was gardening, soaking my pad and jeans!

This time it's remarkable similar. Booked for a reassurance scan at EPAC for 8 weeks and started bleeding the next day so went in early on Wednesday (7.5 weeks) where scan showed embryo high in uterus no heartbeat. They booked me for next Wednesday just to make sure there wasn't any late growth/HB. Anyway started bleeding more heavily yesterday with a few membranes and had some pretty bad cramping last night. Really hoped it was going to be over and done with this morning but woke up to a practically clean pad and have had normal period like bleeding today.

Now I'm wondering what's happening...why has it stopped and when will I pass all the tissue. Really have to go back to work on Monday but spend all day teaching and am worried about a flood mid-class sad It also stings when I wee now but all the cramping has stopped, completely.

Any advice or thoughts? Do second miscarriages take longer? What tests should I ask for? (I'm 38)

bakingtins Sat 08-Feb-14 16:41:19

You really don't have to go to work on Monday. Nobody is indispensible and it is more important that you make sure it is all over and you are at least physically recovered first. Physical activity might help to get it going again - try taking out your frustration on the garden or going for a stomp around. I don't think second miscarriages take longer, more that every miscarriage is different.
You won't officially qualify for recurrent miscarriage testing on the NHS unless you have three miscarriages in a row, but that's not to say a sympathetic GP wouldn't refer you. I paid for a private appointment after my 3rd miscarriage (but not 3 in a row) and my GP was then willing to perform the tests that the consultant recommended. It would mainly be blood tests, an armful from you for a whole raft of tests including clotting, thyroid, haematology, antibodies, diabetes, genetic tests; and one tube from your DH for karyotyping, and a mid-cycle ultrasound scan. Lesley Regan's book "Miscarriage - what every woman should know" is very good on the different causes of miscarriage.
If it's possible to get the embryo/sac tested that's very useful information, stops a lot of the "it's your age" remarks if it is genetically normal and would be a spur to pursue testing for you. If a genetic defect is found then either you know it's random and unlikely to recur or you can check that neither of you are carriers of any faulty genes that might mean you need genetic counselling. I didn't manage to get that until my 4th loss though, but worth trying to save the sac and asking.

If you have any more questions about testing etc pop over to the RMC thread on this board - we apply the criteria much less strictly than the NHS!

flowers for you, I think a second miscarriage is particularly hard to bear, difficult to swallow the 'bad luck' line a second time but you don't tend to be taken particularly seriously as someone who may have an issue.

Forester Sat 08-Feb-14 21:00:49

No practical advice but I just wanted to send my commiserations as I've also had two MMC's so can relate to your loss. (I had ERPC both times).


IrnBruTheNoo Sun 09-Feb-14 08:51:10

I am so so sorry for this loss you've had, especially a second time. Be kind to yourself, and don't return to work until you feel able to. This is a hard time physically and emotionally for any person. I've just had my second MMC earlier this week (last one was almost five years ago). Can you contact EPU to get advice on the stinging when you pee? I was told it can take up to four weeks for it to pass completely. I passed most of it within three days. Still getting bleeding like a period now, it's gradually getting lighter.

Hope some of that information helps. Any other questions please ask, as I've just been through it recently. Thinking of you flowers

healthyhippo Sun 09-Feb-14 08:57:53

Thanks everyone.
I think I'll stay off at least until the second scan on Wednesday. No further cramping and little bleeding so far so will wait to speak to EPAC on Wednesday.

I've never been off work before, do I need to see my GP if its been a week? Will EPAC do a cover letter or something?

kittykatsforever Mon 10-Feb-14 15:40:30

Hi hippo, you should be able to self certify for around 4 days but of you go to any gp and explain they will write a note and do t have to put mc as the reason, just wanted to write as I've had two mc and the first was a pooring gush of blood after having a little bit of spotting for 2 days, I litterally couldn't move from the toilet, second time I bleed for about 4 weeks on and off but never more then af and usually less then that, both were complete though, I guess the first I was more pregnant then the second but they can just be very different, I wouldn't have known the second was a mc if I hadn't known I was pregnant just would have though it odd how long af was going on for

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