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3rd miscarriage in 10 months

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Halfbaked Thu 06-Feb-14 22:29:18

I'm pretty sure I'm miscarrying my 3rd pregnancy in 10 months.
I'll go to the Drs tomorrow and hope I can get a scan at EPU. I am 6w +4 this time, previous ones were at 9wks and 6wks.
Will they refer me for tests now, or do I have to push to get them? What should I be tested for? I am very lucky to have a healthy 3.6 yr old DD and getting pregnant doesn't seem to be an issue.
I'm in bits that this has happened again, and now it feels like there must be something wrong with me.
Can anyone help please?

bakingtins Fri 07-Feb-14 07:36:33

halfbaked I am so sorry. You may have to ask to be referred, but if your MC is confirmed you meet the NHS criteria so it should be straightforward. You need to take a break from TTCwhilst the tests are done, it's likely to take a couple of months to get some of the results back (karyotyping in particular takes a long time). It will mainly be an armful of blood from you and a tube from DH, plus you probably need a mid cycle ultrasound scan. If there is any possibility of getting tests done on 'products' (sorry, horrible term) from this pregnancy do really push for that, it makes a big difference to know if the issue is genetic problems or not.
Do come and join the RMC thread for support through the process. flowers

FiremanSamsWife Fri 07-Feb-14 08:32:28

So sorry halfbaked, it's such a horrible time.

I've just had an ERPC for my third miscarriage in 10 months too, there aren't words for it. I've been referred (appointment is on the 2nd May) which the EPU did for me, but the doctor would have helped me if they hadn't already. I didn't have to push as once you have had 3 in a row you qualify. I also had the products tested after my surgery last week, as bakingtins mentioned above, to see if that sheds any light on it. I also am lucky to have a DC (2.4) but it doesn't make it any easier. That longing for another and the wish to give my DS a brother or sister is overwhelming. We're taking a break now until the test results are back, we felt better to wait in case there was something treatable rather than go through heartbreak again.

I really hope your fears aren't confirmed, if you want to PM me feel free, I've found it so lonely. The RMC board bakingtins mentioned above have been amazing in knowledge and support.


Halfbaked Fri 07-Feb-14 09:04:39

Thank you both- sorry to hear you've both been through this too.
Ive got an appointment with my GP this morning and hopefully I'll get to EPU today.
Last time I was in hospital overnight and they did tests on the products, they came back normal. I think they did it after the second, as I was used as a bit of a training exercise for a new doctor.
I'm 38, so age is probably a factor, it doesn't make having to wait any easier.
I'll look out for the RMC board thanks.

Halfbaked Fri 07-Feb-14 11:55:12

Well I've seen the GP and won't get to the EPU until Tuesday. I guess whatever happens will happen and they can't stop it. Just a weekend of waiting.
Feel so numb.

bakingtins Fri 07-Feb-14 12:24:19

RM support thread is here

Don't lose hope. I had 3 MC between Sept12 and June13, as well as one between my 2 sons in 2009. I'm 39, I heard a lot of waffle about my age until it was proved my 4th MC was genetically perfect. I have high NK cells and now I've been treated appropriately I'm 23 weeks pregnant.

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