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Recurrent Miscarriage Support - tests, treatment, trying again - thread 9

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bakingtins Sun 19-Jan-14 07:41:10

Welcome everyone - pull up a chair! A thread for anyone who has suffered multiple miscarriages and is in need of information, moral support, tea or sympathy. Newbies very welcome.

Can we start the thread with a recap of where we are all up to again, please?

bakingtins Sun 19-Jan-14 07:43:59

DS1 2006, MC 10 weeks 2009, DS2 2010, 3 MC 8-10 weeks Sept 2012-June 2013. NHS tests normal, Prof Q diagnosed high NK cells. Now 20 weeks pregnant after treatment with prednisolone, heparin, progesterone.

TinyTear Sun 19-Jan-14 07:45:24

4 mc 1dd

Mc 1 to3 in 2010 then DD born Jam 2012 and last mc in October last year.

St Mary's said all tests normal so now deciding whether to check NK cells with Professor Q

Hessy Sun 19-Jan-14 07:52:38

I'm going to say hello, although not strictly recurrent mc.

DS born Nov 2011. MMC Sept 2013. Ectopic pregnancy resulting in loss of Fallopian tube Dec 2013.

Hoping to be pregnant again soon.

bakingtins Sun 19-Jan-14 08:00:06

Hi Hessy good to hear from you. We are less strict about definitions than the NHS! How are you bearing up?

DownstairsMixUp Sun 19-Jan-14 09:37:20

Hi hessy agree with baking, im the same as you welcome :-)
Ds born september 2009. Mc february 2013. Mc september 2013. Currently cautiously 7 weeks pg.

butterfly86 Sun 19-Jan-14 09:45:24

Thanks for the new thread baking!

4mc- mmc 9 weeks April 2012 , mmc 10 weeks sept 2012, mc 6 weeks dec 2012, mc 6 weeks march 2013. All tests normal, prescribed progesterone pessaries this time now currently 16 weeks pregnant.

Welcome Hessy

tannyLoo Sun 19-Jan-14 09:58:16

Welcome Hessy, thanks for the new thread Baking.

Two DS, born 1999 and 2012 (usual complicated family history)

Four MCs in a year. MC at 6 weeks in Dec 12, MMC at 11 weeks, measuring 6 weeks in April 13, MC at 6 weeks in Oct 13 and MC (blighted ovum) at 6 weeks in Dec 13.

My NHS diagnosis is super fertility, I am in the 2WW currently and taking a load of supplements and progesterone. I am aslo having acupuncture.

2014 is a New Year and a new beginning!

nearlyreadytopop Sun 19-Jan-14 10:01:07

ds1 2011, mc1 6/7 weeks 2012, mmc2 17 weeks 2013, mc3 6/7 weeks 2013.
All nhs tests normal though possible links to pcos.
Currently 7 weeks pregnant. Have been taking metformin since August 2013.

Justonemoretime Sun 19-Jan-14 10:08:56

Hello Ladies,
3MMC, no DC.

MMC 1 Nov 2011, 6 and a bit weeks. HB seen early 6 weeks, gone early 7 weeks. ERPC, retained products, resolved naturally. Spotting throughout, hence early scans.

MMC 2 May 2012 6 and a bit weeks. HB seen early 6 weeks, gone early 7 weeks (pattern same as previous). ERPC, retained products and infection, repeat procedure, still bleeding, hysteroscopy revealed large clot. Referred to gyne specialist at UCLH, put on HRT, all resolved by September.

Local RMC advised blood tests and karyotyping due to possible family issue which had come to light. All clear on all counts. Advised to change diet. End of 10 years veggie for me and 17 for DH. Put on baby aspirin as a precaution and advised progesterone from BFP.
AFs very light. UCLH monitoring pending further investigations when, against the odds, BFP again! Everyone amazed as only 2mm lining.

Beloved cat (tragic, I know - this hit me really hard TBH. I think I had focused a lot of displaced love in his direction) killed on road October 2012.

MMC 3 June 2013. Very early scans from UCLH confirm 'in the right place' then massive clothes soaking bleed a week later. Local A&E useless. UCLH walk in clinic confirm hb still there; 6.7 weeks. Aspirin/progesterone combo identified as the culprit for the bleed. Then scanned again at 9.1 weeks. Lovely, arms and legs and everything. hb 174 bpm. Signed off to 'normal' local services. All fine, booked in. Scan at 13 weeks revealed baby had died at about 9 and a half- 10 weeks. Insisted on UCLH doing my ERPC, went to walk in clinic to organise it and they were great. Got it done with U/S guidance, all fine, not retained products.

Referred to St Mary's in October 2013. Scans show uterine abnormalities, so hysteroscopy booked with Prof Regan. Heart shaped uterus diagnosed and corrected. HRT (leading to nice heavy AF) and IUDs inserted to air healing. No scarring (thank goodness). All blood tests normal. TEG test to be repeated when (if) BFP the 150mg aspirin if TEG shows up clotting issue when pg.

Grandfather died Oct 2013
FIL died Nov 2013
Other Grandfather died Jan 2014

Sorry for essay. It makes grim reading, really (I know everyone's does). But I wanted to record it, and bear witness.

AF arrived yesterday.

Justonemoretime Sun 19-Jan-14 10:17:43

Forgot to say, MMC 3 was Turner Syndrome. sad At least it was an answer.

tannyLoo Sun 19-Jan-14 10:24:09

((hugs)) Just

Justonemoretime Sun 19-Jan-14 10:31:09

Thanks Tanny. I know everyone has a sad story to tell on here. It's good to have a safe place to share. xx

TinyTear Sun 19-Jan-14 11:06:51

yes, i know i don't participate much but it's good to have this place to talk in.

squizita Sun 19-Jan-14 11:12:35

Thanks Baking! Hello Hessy.

I have no DC and have had 3 losses. First two were at 5/6 weeks- scan on the 2dn showed sac in right place but too small for anything else, both naturally passed, both over a weekend and nothing to test. 3rd was a MMC and T69 after an ERPC so after junior Docs wanting to hack at me to find out, the lead Gynie at my local hospital thankfully stepped in and was referred to Charing Cross for partial molar monitoring. Luckily my HCG went down and stayed down so was given the all clear to try again.
Had tests at St Mary's RMC and they found I has antiphospholipid syndome so pregnancies can be supported to about 70% success using aspirin and clexane. The T69 was a case of dreadful random bad luck and highly unlikely to occur again.

Currently coming up for 6 weeks and my 1st scan at St Marys on what I hope will be confirmed as a normal pregnancy (due to the 69, don't dare say it till I see it's in the right place). On clexane and aspirin daily.

JBrd Sun 19-Jan-14 11:51:07

Marking my place on the new thread.

1 DS, followed by 3 mc: ERPC at 11 wks Jan 2013, natural at 9 weeks April 2013 and semi-medical at 9/10 weeks August 2013. Nothing found in investigations apart from a possible clotting issue, but I am on heparin anyway when pg due to my medical history.

Currently in the 2ww, planning to poas on Friday...

Notgivingup1 Sun 19-Jan-14 11:55:49

Phew found you all! Hugs to everyone, it's always hard to go through everything that has happened.
Here's mine so far...
3 MMC between May 2012 and May 2013. ERPCs for all and needed 2 for the first MMC which went on for 3 months. Awful! Had genetic testing on the second one - normal and it was a boy. Third one. Sounds the same as just. Spotting throughout but Heartbeat seen at 7 and 8/9 weeks. All was fine so EPU signed me off. Scan at 12 weeks, no heartbeat and baby measured about 9+2. Testing showed it had Turners.
Went to see Raj Rai at St Mary's privately and cleaned out my savings! Nothing found but plan is heparin from next BFP as he thinks there could be issues with cell death in my placenta and heparin also helps with that. There were no heartbeats seen with the first two pregnancies so something went wrong v early on. Now under the NHS at St Mary's and they will repeat TEG test when pregnant. Going back next week for a review appointment as had results in September but no BFPs since and having very light periods/shorter cycles. I'd got pregnant pretty much straight away with the others. Currently in ovulation time so BD'ing away!

Notgivingup1 Sun 19-Jan-14 11:57:35

Oh and hello hessy

squizita Sun 19-Jan-14 12:03:17

First panic of the new thread. 2 red/pink dots (literally, smaller than fulls stops) when going to the loo. Could be part of loo roll, could be fluff from bathrobe... could be a problem. blush Serves me right for counting up my days/weeks and thinking I've passed the date of my 1st 2 losses. Idiot.

bakingtins Sun 19-Jan-14 12:41:50

Don't panic squiz The clexane and aspirin are going to make you more prone to spotting. Hopefully that's all it is.
When is your scan?

butterfly86 Sun 19-Jan-14 13:38:06

squiz I have no idea how as I don't wear red knickers but almost every day there are minute red fluff fibres on the loo roll I'm sure it must be part of the roll I have no idea how they get there confused
Hopefully its nothing for you to worry about.

squizita Sun 19-Jan-14 13:54:05

Baking thanks, scan is on Weds. Thanks, yeah I have had a little nose bleed too and have a naturally bleedy cervix (checked out- all good just bleedy). Think I'm just getting the 'not gonna make it to the scan' fear. Butterfly I agree ... so many pink and red fibres. We should work for CSI. grin Promptly threw up and nearly swore after my left boob lightly touched a towel rail which was reassuring.

Hessy Sun 19-Jan-14 13:57:49

Hello back everyone smile

BakingTins, I'm doing ok. Good days and bad.

Can I ask you all a couple of questions?

I didn't really think/know I was pregnant when had ectopic confirmed; had only had one AF since mc and what I thought was second AF was actually a bleed related to ectopic. I must have got pg within weeks of mc.

First question - sonographer said ectopic pregnancy had a heartbeat. hmm But I never found out how many weeks pregnant I was. Do you know how early a heartbeat can be detected?

Second question - did you leave it a while after each mc before trying to conceive again? Do our bodies need a rest? I don't want to, I want to try and conceive as soon as possible. But should I wait a while? I'm 36 so don't have a huge amount of time to hang around...


Hessy Sun 19-Jan-14 13:59:12

PS fingers crossed for you Squizita x

squizita Sun 19-Jan-14 14:19:16

Thanks Hessy I've always been told wait a full cycle before ttc. I did have 3 in quick succession and then waited 6 (enforced by partial molar + tests) and felt a lot more robust but that could just be coincidence. 36 isnt terribly old - I am 35 and St Marys ruled out age as a factor, bar ttc can take longer in the 1st place than in 20s.

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