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I'm scared, private scans shows a sac but nothing else.

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addictedtosugar Sat 04-Jan-14 20:50:35

Honestly, I wasn't really listening - the last time I was there, I was in emergency surgery 24 hrs later. 12 months later, that there was a sac in my womb was about all I listened to. I suspect from the looks I got, they didn't generally get people overjoyed at the news they had just imparted, but for me, it was more pregnant than I'd managed the time before. Sorry, not helpful!

bumblebeebzz Sat 04-Jan-14 20:44:42

thanks jays I hope everything turns out okay for you. being stuck in limbo is the worst. best of luck flowers

addicted when you at your scan at 6+0 did the sonographer give you any indication that there might be a positive outcome? ours gave us no positives, there was no 'maybe it'll just be your dates wrong'

addictedtosugar Sat 04-Jan-14 20:26:37

My 6+0 scan showed just a sac.
He's currently snoring in bed, aged 4.
If 6 weeks is a possibility, it is very possible no heartbeat was present because the foetus was too small, and baby just needs time to grow big enough to detect on the screen.

My trips to EPU have always been come back in 2 weeks. Much as I can see you would love a positive answer before your wedding, it may well not happen before then.

fingers crossed.

Jays43 Sat 04-Jan-14 20:15:49

Thinking of you, I'm going through a similar thing and its horrible. It's like a massive waiting game;( I know it's so hard but enjoy your wedding the best you can. You prob want answers before but sometimes only time will tell. Life can be so rubbish at times. Distract yourself with the wedding and when you look back you will be so proud of yourself of dealing with so much. Lots of love

bumblebeebzz Sat 04-Jan-14 19:52:39

thank you mabelandrose

Mabelandrose Sat 04-Jan-14 19:41:59

You poor thing. Thinking about you.

bumblebeebzz Sat 04-Jan-14 18:44:17

x post

it was an internal scan that was done at the clinic.
a little bit of hope to cling onto is exactly what I need right now. I know it may not go the same way for me but I'm glad a positive outcome is possible, even if it's just ever so slightly.

thank you for your story flowers

bumblebeebzz Sat 04-Jan-14 18:40:30

thank you for your kind words.

the two epu's in my city both take self-referrals but are only open Mon-Fri. so I'll need to wait until Monday and hope they can fit me in for a scan or blood tests.

nearlyreadytopop Sat 04-Jan-14 18:38:00

What would normally happen is that they would give you a scan usually internal and then ask you to come back in one or maybe two weeks unless you have bleeding in between times in which case you can go back sooner.
I also had irregular periods and with my first preg I was told at the first scan that the sac was empty and they didn't hold much hope. I went back 2 weeks later and there was a hb, ds is 2 now. I don't want to give you false hope but really in these cases on time will tell.

nearlyreadytopop Sat 04-Jan-14 18:33:14

hi bumble have you been to see your gp? if not they should be able to refer you to epu for a dating scan due to irregular periods. Or perhaps you can self refer to your nearest one, it might be worth giving them a call.
Absolutely rubbish timing with your big day coming upsad

jellyrolly Sat 04-Jan-14 18:25:37

I'm so sorry bumblebeebz. I don't have any experience of this but didn't want to leave you unanswered.

It sounds like you need to see a doctor to find out exactly what is going on before your wedding, you need to know for sure sweetheart so you can move forward either way. Good luck x

bumblebeebzz Sat 04-Jan-14 18:06:19

today I went for a private scan, I have very irregular periods so wasn't sure how many weeks I am, LMP would put me at 8+4 but more likely to be around 6 or 7.

scan showed a sac measuring 5 weeks but nothing else. sonographer said the sac wasn't perfectly round like it should be, there was a wee bit sticking out that looked like it was going to come away.

I'm so scared, I don't know what to do. she didn't give us any hope to hold on to. I'm getting married next weekend so we should be celebrating but we're heartbroken. I can't bear the thought of miscarrying on my wedding day.

someone please hold my hand, could there be any positive outcome to this?

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