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ttc post 2nd m. c using cb sticks am i even ovulating??

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davidtennantsmistress Thu 26-Dec-13 08:09:45

Thanks I'll give it a whirl, I'm cd 14 no more sticks as I used two yesterday and nada, the second blue line is getting lighter not darker, sop no need to pounce on dp now lol. I think it will be write this month off and get my trusted persona out for next month.

Dp can't understand why I feel my body is broke.

katatonic Tue 24-Dec-13 13:28:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

davidtennantsmistress Tue 24-Dec-13 08:43:16

Thanks, I will do from the I pad, struggalibg in my phone. :-( I nievely thought is be pg by now, esp in the chemical pgs I've had previously, I've always caught again straight away. :-( ho hum.

bakingtins Tue 24-Dec-13 08:19:09

It's not unusual for cycles to be a bit screwy for several months after a MC so charting or ov sticks is a good idea. If your cycle is anywhere up to 30 days at the moment, even if you are sure luteal phase is 14 days you may not ovulate until day 16. If you miss it this month I'd use cheapie ov sticks next month and test twice a day, if your LH surge tends to be at night you might miss it with morning testing. Remember that DTD anywhere vaguely around the time of ov still has a chance of success so if you can sneak off with hubby at any point you are in with a chance! fwink
It's hard not to get obsessed with it, getting pregnant again is a big part of recovery from MC for most women, you need life "back on track". v supportive TTC after MC threads on the conception board (something about posifrickingtivity in the title) if you want some company.

davidtennantsmistress Tue 24-Dec-13 08:07:40

And I've not had a smiley, I'm on CD 12, I thought of use them as so Dar I've not had any luck so wanted to make sure and nada.

I had a mmc at 9 weeks on the 17th Sept with an op the day after. I keep thinking maybe this month maybe, this is our first month when I'm charting, and typically we are at the in laws house until the 28th, and have an older niece stopping next door tomorrow for two nights so ds2 has to come into our room.

All of that aside though, how reliable ate Fb ovulation tests? I used to gave a 27/28 pre cycle pre m.c so far post I've has a 30 exactly one month then 28 days then last one was 26 days and I literally eas on fir three days.

No positive pg tests. Historically if I have a 26 day cycle, pre ds1 where it was 26/27 ov would be day 12/13 or 13/14 after bit eas always 14 days though.

Am I sounding an obsessive nut? I has hoped for luck this month but as the only alone time we get is to sneak off in the car, it's highly unlikely. :-(

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