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irregular bleeding/periods since miscarriage

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tiamariaxxx Wed 18-Dec-13 23:49:22

Hi just wondering if anyone could advice me wether i should go docs or not.

I suffered a miscarriage on 3rd September this year i bled for 10 days and then that was it until my first period 23rd October. I then had 3 days of spotting from the 10th november, then 1st December really bad heavy and painful period which i had for 7 days. Since last week ive had that feeling im gonna come on, and today i have so far only spotting but ive got quite bad pain already.

Im not taking any contreception at the moment as im giving my body a rest nothing seems to agree with me apart from cerezette and ive fallen pregnant on it twice now so i dont know.

Im trying to avoid doctors at the moment sick of my practice but thats another story. I should just add ive always had bad periods either with irregular (usually far apart though not close gaps), very heavy and the pain so ive been to see guynacologists etc before


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