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anti d misunderstood

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junkfoodaddict Fri 27-Dec-13 14:43:30

I have just seen your question. I too was given my anti-D more than 72 hours after giving birth to my DS - in fact it was 5 days late!

I went to my GP because we are aiming to TTC number 2 in the spring and I was worried about miscarrying etc because of it. This is the adice I got:

They would take bloods at my booking in appointment. i should tell MW that I received anti-D 5 days after giving birth. The bloods will be tested for 'sensitivity' (or something like that!). If the bloods show some sensitivity they will simply keep an eye on things with more bloods and I think extra scans, but I am not sure if the extra scans for me is because of placenta, growth issues which led to an abruption in labour. If bloods show heightened senstivity there are things they can do.

The best scenario is baby number 2 would be born Rh- like me through to needing phototherapy at birth to the worst case scenario needing a blood transfusion in the womb on a regular basis. The latter only affecting 1% of women who have had ther anti-d late and carrying a Rh+ baby.

Try not to worry. But mention it to your MW at your booking in appointment or make an appontment to see your GP.

Congratulations by the way!!!

DrankSangriaInThePark Wed 18-Dec-13 07:08:54

Anti-D should protect unborn babies when the mother is rhesus negative.

Often given during pregnancy following an amniocentesis for example (that's when I had mine) I am negative, dp and dd positive.

Maybe ask your doctor/midwife for clarification, but try not to worry. smile

reatlegile21 Wed 18-Dec-13 07:04:15

i want to know what will happen if i have been given the antiD after 72 hours? will i lose my other coming children after birth am scared cos i think am pregnant with my second baby

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