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Suspected early miscarriage - was I even pregnant?

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NewToAllThis36 Sat 14-Dec-13 09:39:15

I am totally confused & looking for any advice.

My husband & I decided to start trying for our first baby two months ago. At our age - both 36 - we expected that it might take a while but are both relaxed about this. I've never been pregnant before.

My period was due on 1 Dec but didn't appear. Between then & 9 Dec, I took four pregnancy tests (supermarket own brand kits) - all negative but still no period. I had no breast tenderness or sickness & wasn't overly tired. But I was taking trips to the loo to pee a lot & regularly had a metallic taste in my mouth. On 8 December, I started to get a stitch in my lower left abdomen. The intensity was on & off but the stitch was constant.

On 10 Dec, I bought an all-singing & dancing digital pregnancy test which showed the result 'Pregnant 1-2 weeks'. I was overjoyed!

I booked to see my GP on 13 Dec. That morning, I noticed a brown discharge when I went to the loo. At my appointment, my GP didn't test me to confirm the pregnancy. He gave me general advice about what to eat / not eat & gave me a 'flu jab. I mentioned having few of the obvious signs of pregnancy & the brown discharge. He was very sensitive & said that some pregnancies encounter problems & end early but I should trust that everything was in order unless I experienced any pain, in which case I should come back.

I went to work & at lunchtime I started bleeding - like the first day of a period - brownish in colour, just some staining in my knickers. I was worried but wasn't in pain.

That afternoon, I still had my stitch but I also had an ache around my left hip & abdomen - it felt as though I'd been kicked. On my way home, that night, I started bleeding lightly. Again, dark brown. I called my surgery - they were just closing so they advised me to ring 111. They asked me a few questions & booked me into an out of hours GP clinic at the local hospital.

I was still bleeding - now bright red but not heavy & no clotting. He did two pregnancy tests. Both negative. Blood pressure, temp etc. all normal. He did an external examination of my abdomen which didn't hurt though I was tender.

He suggested that I haven't been pregnant at all but should stay watchful for any clotting or extreme pain.

Not to be too graphic, but when I've gone to the loo over the last 12 hours, there's been thick, dark mucus-like flakes (varying from tiny to a couple of cms long) in my urine & when I wipe. But certainly no chunks or clotting, if I understand the term correctly.

I am completely at a loss because I'm wondering why I got a positive test result, had no signs of my period (if that's even what this bleeding is) until 13 Dec & also what was this strange stitch & the pain?

Have I had an early miscarriage or just a really late period? I'm embarrassed about involving my GP, 111, an out of hours GP etc. if this has all been nothing. But I don't want to risk my fertile by ignoring a potential problem.

Apologies for the essay! But has anyone been through this or can you suggest what may have happened? Thanks in advance.

Kasterborous Sat 14-Dec-13 15:07:54

It sounds to me like you have been through a very early miscarriage. One of mine was very similar to what you are describing especially the brown discharge. I'm no expert but I think it's what happens when the egg doesn't implant properly so you get the pregnancy hormones but not for long. It might be worth having a chat with your GP as if you are having one sided pain it could be ectopic. We didn't start trying for a baby until I was nearly 36, at 39 nearly 40 we had our lovely daughter. We had six miscarriages before her, and while they were really awful to go through, the though that at least I could get pregnant helped to keep us going. Not that I'm saying that will happen to you.

I think you should see your GP to rule out ectopic. I hope everything goes okay for you and wish you the best of luck for the future thanks

Whatnamenext Sat 14-Dec-13 19:24:21

This happened to me. Sounds like an early miscarriage. Horrid isn't it?

I'd picked out a pram, thought of names, worked out maternity leave dates etc, all in the space of a few days.

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