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Recurrent miscarriage support - tests, treatment, trying again - thread 8

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Bakingtins Fri 01-Nov-13 07:35:37

Welcome everyone, pull up a chair! A thread for anyone who has suffered multiple miscarriages and is in need of company, information, moral support, tea or sympathy.

Can I suggest we start page 1 with a recap of where we are all up to, because my fuddled head can't keep track?

Bakingtins Fri 01-Nov-13 07:41:51

history DS 2006, MC 10 weeks 2009, DS 2010, MC Sept 2012, March 2013, June 2013, all at 8-9 weeks.

tests, diagnosis, treatments nothing on standard tests, saw the lovely Prof Q, diagnosed with high NK cells, treatment is steroids, clexane, progesterone.

what's next? currently 9+1, next scan at 10 weeks.

TinyTear Fri 01-Nov-13 08:02:07

2010 MC 10w, 6w (ERPC) and 8w
2011 RMC testing at St. Mary's - all results came back normal
Jan 2012 - Daughter born
TTC Jan 2013, Chemical in March, MC October (ERPC) - discovered at 8w reassurance scan measuring 5w

what next keep on trying... I am 40 so have set a deadline of stopping when I am 42 as I don't want to go on like this forever...

teaandchocolate Fri 01-Nov-13 08:08:08

I just wanted to come back on here to say hello to everyone. I've been reading through all the posts on the other thread and can see there are lots of new faces so wishing you all a huge amount of luck in the horrible journey that is rmc.

Baking I was so pleased to read your news and so glad its all still going well. I read that 10 weeks with high nk cells is a huge milestone so you are practically there. I will keep checking your progress and keeping everything crossed for you.

Butterfly - sending big hugs!! I feel like we've been on so many of these threads together and I'm praying this is your last and this pregnancy works out. All the signs are looking good. I had a terrible time in early pregnancy, cannot even begin to describe the level of stress and cried nearly every day from worry (in fact you can probably see if you look back a thread or two!) so I really feel for you.

Hello to everyone else, particularly Squiz and Latebloomer and anyone else I 'know' but have missed.

I'm now coming up to 28 weeks and can't quite believe it (still!!). Had a bit of a scare last week with cramping but was checked out by the hospital who couldn't find anything so hopefully its just muscle stretching. Still can't feel totally positive and not sure I will until baby is here.

Not sure whether to add my details to the stats? Will it give anyone hope?? They're as follows:

History: 2009 mmc at 12 weeks; 2010 DD born; 2012 April mmc at 9 weeks; 2012 July mc at 7 weeks;

Tests, diagnosis & treatment : had standard nhs tests which were all clear and also anatomical investigations privately, also clear. Had regular Accupuncture and for pregnancy take progesterone from bfp and 75mg aspirin 'just in case'.

whats next : currently nearly 28 week pregnant with a boy!!

tannyLoo72 Fri 01-Nov-13 10:23:21

OK, I'm jumping in!

Hello Baking and Tiny, this feels a bit big compared to our little thread, but hope you'll hold my hand! blush

History Nov 1999 (long time ago) DS1 with exH, Feb 2012 DS2 with current DH, then Dec 2012 mc at 6 wks, Apr 2013 mmc at 11 wks (measuring 6 wks) and Oct 2013 mc at 6 wks (2 weeks ago)

Tests, diagnosis and treatment Have now been referred to Gynae to start investigations, but my GP thinks it is my age (41) and not to get my hopes up that anything'll show up in tests.

What's next My body seems to be taking over and I can't really see the point of not ttc asap, so we are. I have bought some low dose aspirin to take "just in case" and continue to take Pregnancy vitamins etc.

DH is great, and has been amazingly supportive, and my mum has been crass and insensitive.

First day back at work since mc today, so I'm avoiding looking at emails and checking out mn instead!

butterfly86 Fri 01-Nov-13 10:28:44

History- mmc 9 weeks april 12, mmc 10 weeks sept 12, mc 6 weeks dec 12, mc 5 weeks march 13.

Tests diagnosis and treatment- had all the standard nhs tests all clear been having accupuncture since march and prescribed progesterone from bfp.

What's next- currently 5 weeks 6 days pregnant and praying it works out this time!

butterfly86 Fri 01-Nov-13 10:31:57

Tea!! Lovely to hear from you smile wow 28 weeks I bet you can't quite believe it! How are you feeling?

Glad to know I'm not mental the stress is unreal every day feels like forever I'm just expecting something to go. wrong wish someone would sedate me for a few weeks!

JBrd Fri 01-Nov-13 10:49:11

Marking my place!

History: DS 2011, MC Jan 2013 (ERPC), MC April 2013 (natural), MC August 2013 (medical/natural)

*Tests, diagnosis, treatments*: Blood tests, scans etc done for standard NHS test, plus AMH and progesterone privately, appointment to discuss results in November

*What's next*: I wish I knew... Still hoping for another bfp!

JBrd Fri 01-Nov-13 10:50:40

Great news about the Harmony test being trialled on the NHS!

squizita Fri 01-Nov-13 11:16:03

Hello all!

Baking - 9 weeks, must be such a relief! Keeping everything crossed you sail through that milestone and on to 'graduation'!

tea Thanks for dropping in now and again. You certainly give me something to keep my chin up!


History: No DC. 3 early MC when I was 33-34 (about 5-8 week but my cycles got messed up). Last one was a possible partial mole (no tissue found by chromasomes and symptoms). Now 35 so relatively impatient for DC but have been assured I have at least 5+ years to keep trying!

Tests, diagnosis, treatments: Tested at St Mary's. Found to have "non genetic" Hughs (aka random fricken sticky blood). Also explains almost all my other medical problems ever (weird joint pain, sudden exhaustion/anxiety etc'). When pregnant, going to be placed on 150mg aspirin and daily heparin injections. Told that my addiction to veeery expensive pregnacare vitamins is only useful insomuch as it helps my anxiety because "Tesco own brand" is just as good LOL. grin

What's next? Flippin well missed OV this month I think, waiting for the all clear to TTC. So one more AF and it's POAS and BD!!

Bakingtins Fri 01-Nov-13 13:14:26

What's that about Harmony test jbrd ? I'd love to have one but it's £600-700 privately!

Justonemoretime Fri 01-Nov-13 16:08:54

Hello Ladies, Sorry for the radio silence, I have been away on hols and not able to access things on my phone. Thanks Baking for starting the new thread. So pleased that things are still going well!

Waves to everyone!

History No DCs, 3x MMCs (Nov 2011 @ 6.5 wks, May 2012 @6.5 wks, June 2013 @ 10 ish wks - discovered at 13 wk scan).

4x ERPCs due to retained products after MMC 2, and 2x diagnostic hysteroscopies.

Now under the care of St Mary's mid testing, recently had septum removed from uterus by the famous Prof Regan, currently fitted with 2x IUDs whilst I heal and on HRT for a month.

Hope to be back on the TTC trail by the New Year.

Justonemoretime Fri 01-Nov-13 16:09:11

I am 37, BTW...

JBrd Fri 01-Nov-13 16:11:00


Bakingtins Fri 01-Nov-13 21:03:42

Tea lovely to hear from you smile

tanny welcome! Any idea what the wait is for your appointment?

jbrd sounds good about the Harmony test but bet it won't happen in a timescale useful to any of us. Last time I got to 12 weeks my NHS trust didn't even offer NT scan. Must check next week if they do now. If not we've previously had OSCAR screening privately which is £200. If that is high risk I guess we could have the harmony instead of an invasive test. I think DH might faint if I ask him to fork out £700.

In other news DH has been bidding on prams on eBay. How's that for confidence! Not as bad as it sounds, our Quinny suffered terminal chassis failure with me trying to lug DS2 and several bags of shopping up our steps a while ago but we still have all the bits. DH spotted a chassis only on eBay. My reply was that we can always sell the complete thing in working order for more money......

nearlyreadytopop Fri 01-Nov-13 22:26:14

I'm in smile.
Ds 2011
mmc 7 weeks Aug '12
mmc 17 weeks Jan '13
mc 7 weeks July '13.
NHS tests are normal but I'm still waiting on karyotyping results.
I have pcos so irregular ovulation. Currently taking Metformin as I took it prior to ds and thats the only pregnancy that has worked out.

picklebum2011 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:01:08

Can I jump on...
Mmc Feb 09 mmc june 09 dd July 2020. Mmc June 13.

Trying to conceive at the moment. AF reared her ugly head so here's to trying again in a couple of weeks.
Great to be on new thread and great to see clearly where everyone is.

picklebum2011 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:02:02

July 2010 even, crikey.

Bakingtins Sat 02-Nov-13 21:43:34

Move up everyone, make room for pickle smile

Hope everyone is enjoying the fireworks. It's the first time for years I haven't had to worry about the dog (sob) so I can go enjoy them with a clear conscience. We went to the local round table display last night and it was fab.

tigsnchar1 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:41:46

Well hello there. Please can I join? Wish I didn't need to, but we are all in the same boat and support is so important.
We have 1 DD born November 2010.
1 very early loss Jan 2012, one late loss July 2012 (20 weeks), just had another at 7 weeks.
No tests or anything. Waiting for first period post MC then will try again. Will take aspirin again in case that helps. Didn't work last time!

Just given up breastfeeding to see if that helps too, and feeling very sad about that. DD is nearly 3 so it's not so bad really.

Nice to meet everyone.

Bakingtins Sun 03-Nov-13 13:25:33

Welcome tigs to the club nobody wants to join. Sorry to hear about your losses. Are you going to pursue testing now? I think you'd qualify either on the grounds of three in a row or after a single late loss. Just as a precautionary note, my consultant Prof Quenby who researches implantation problems, specifically advises against taking aspirin unless you have a diagnosed clotting problem, in which case you probably need heparin anyway, as it can interfere with implantation.
Giving up Bf can really mess with your hormones and emotions for a bit. I felt weird for a few months after stopping feeding Ds2 at 2 yrs old because I was not getting pregnant. Did conceive easily after that but it was the first of my 3-in-a-row losses so with hindsight wish I hadn't bothered. Sounds like DD has had a pretty good innings with BF though!

squizita Sun 03-Nov-13 16:18:50

Hi Tigs welcome. Just to second what Baking said, push for tests as you're entitled to them by the sounds of it. My clinic (St Mary's) also say only take aspirin if you've been tested - as a blood thinner, it could cause problems if the blood isn'tsticky in the first place.

TinyTear Sun 03-Nov-13 16:44:55

yes, I was advised at st mary's not to take aspirin

LateBloomer414 Sun 03-Nov-13 18:43:44

history: no DCs. Probably mc1 June 2012 (didn't know I was pg). Oct 2012 mc2 at 6 wks followed by ERPC. June 2013 mc3 at 11 weeks followed by ERPC. DH diagnosed with cancer a week later (not a happy time at Bloomer Towers).

tests...: Prelim tests at Royal London's RMC, no problems identified. 1st visit to St Mary's last week - saline test forthcoming to rule out any problems presented by a fibroid in my uterus. Confident there's nothing actually wrong, I'm just old... 39.9999999 yrs old, DH 41.

*what's next*: not permitted to TTC while DH was undergoing chemo. Between his surgery and effects of chemo and radiation, DH was not up for that kind of activity. Proud to announce that the Bloomers are doing the deed once again as of this week! Still have to wait until Dec to TTC as chemo drugs still in DH's body. Exploring IVF as we had his sperm stored before treatment. For now, enjoying pressure free sex once again grin

tigsnchar1 Sun 03-Nov-13 21:51:55

Thanks for the aspirin advice, my consultant told me to take it as soon as I got a BFP but not before. OH wasn't keen on me taking it. Consultant said it could do no harm. It's just one of the many unknowns for us really. Not sure whether will try it again or not. We had tests done on the late loss (sorry, forgot those - no tests were done on me though) and there were 'pockets' in the placenta, due to age (I was 35 so not that), sticky blood (tested and didn't have it) or diabetes (again, tested and didn't have it). So lots of unhelpful info!

Bloomer, I am in awe, congratulations on the bedroom fun at long last! Your story makes me feel lucky. I hope OH is much better now (certainly sounds like it, ahem!). Hope you hit the jackpot in December.

Anyone got any other tips on what we could do or avoid to reduce chances of another MC please?

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