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AF after chemical...advice please!!

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lucyfluff Mon 28-Oct-13 14:22:44


I have recently posted about my chemical (beg of Oct) and further pains and had some brilliant advice on here.

Anyway I wondered if this is the right place to ask if anyone has experience of when AF will appear? Ive had brown spotting recently, once after dtd but didnt amount to anything. Have read 4-6 weeks is normal?!

I was 4+4 on 4th oct when chemical started....

Thanks lucy smile

Bakingtins Mon 28-Oct-13 15:44:42

Hi lucy how are you doing? It depends how long it takes for pregnancy hormones to fall to zero and your cycle to kick in. The earlier the MC the quicker that process is likely to happen so I would expect in your case it won't be much longer than your normal cycle. If she hasn't shown by first week in November maybe you need to do a test? wink

lucyfluff Mon 28-Oct-13 15:55:16

Hi baking...thanks for your reply! your so lovely helping everyone on here smile smile

Im good thanks just wondering what this spotting is all about! I had a negative a week after bleeding so assuming the hcg had left my system?? I think I will wait a week before spking to GP....dont want to get my hopes up just yet smile

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