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Please help :( dont know if I should take m/a pill after having ect surgery

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emogirly6 Mon 28-Oct-13 08:35:47

Hello there,

I just needed a little advice. I recently had surgery after an ectopic pregnancy. Previous to that I had a misscarige. It's been nearly a month and a half since my surgery and my right tube was removed but as my doctor said I can't go on the injection again for two weeks we've been substituting with condoms .
the condom came off yesterday so naturally this morning I need to go and buy the m/a pill but I'm really worried that taking it will just mess up my body even more.
I'm petrified of having another ectopic pregnancy which is the only reason I'm taking the m/a pill if I wasn't to frightened of loosing another baby I'd wait and take a test. Part of me would like to not take the m/a pill but as you can see I'm in a right pickle.

Please does anybody have any advice sad xxxx

killpeppa Mon 28-Oct-13 08:38:23

if you ring your dr and ask to speak to them and request it through them it's free it also means you can have a chat about your concerns

thankssorry about your lossessad

armsandtheman Mon 28-Oct-13 08:51:14

So sorry to hear your experiences.

Do you know what their plans are? Will they investigate why you had the ectopic? I would push for this to try and reduce your chances of it happening again. Also if you lost a fallopian tube, you want to try and protect the other.

I agree with chatting to your GP to assess the risks, but don't forget about your health too. I am sure you are still very fragile.

I had an ectopic pregnancy due to scarring caused by endometriosis. It took a while, but they checked the other tube and removed some of the scarring thus reducing my risk of a second (and 4 months after the surgery I was pregnant and now have a lovely DD).

emogirly6 Tue 29-Oct-13 12:24:26

Thankyou so much for the advice,, killpeppa,,
I chatted to my doc and she advised me on the right m/a contraception that would be safe to use xxx
She also said it would be safe to try again for a baby after spring so hopefully if all goes well ill have my toes and fingers crossed I can try then.
And ,,,armsandtheman,,,,
Thankyou they were concerned about n the fact I had the ectopic so young but believe the previous misscarige may have been a cause. Sorry to hear of your ectopic but congratulations on the pregnancy afterwards xxx it's reassuring I'm hearing from so many other women with one tube still able to have children xxxxx
Thankyou for calming me down too xxxx lol hugs

armsandtheman Tue 29-Oct-13 12:40:22

The good news is there's a 65% chance of getting an egg across each month as sometimes they jump across from the other ovary!

Good luck trying to get pregnant. I would push to get the other tube checked though as even the act of checking can help as they flush it with liquid to see it. Plus as you've only got one tube it's keyhole surgery under GA so very safe. They did the surgery I mentioned at the same time so also increased my chances of getting pregnant.

Good luck with future pregnancies, mine was third time lucky (as I also had an early miscarriage). Getting pregnant is a very positive sign for the future!

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