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First period after ectopic, in agony!!!

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lilybeansmummy Fri 25-Oct-13 17:41:33

I had a laparoscopy about 4 weeks ago and had my right Fallopian tube removed due to ectopic, I took my first period since it happened yesterday and I'm in agony but the pain only seems to be on the side my tube was removed, I also have stomach pain which I normally don't have and is worrying me (kind of feels like gas pain but is constant) As this is my first period since my ectopic I don't know if its normal for it to be so painful! Any help wud be appreciated x

Bakingtins Sat 26-Oct-13 05:53:09

LILY I haven't had an ectopic but first period after a MC has been pretty bad. However, since you've had surgery recently I think anything outside the ordinary should be checked out. Can you phone the gynae dept where you were treated?

Bakingtins Sat 26-Oct-13 23:11:58

How are you, Lily?

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