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Should my bleeding be bright red?

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Mommieof4minus1 Sun 20-Oct-13 20:21:48

I had a natural mc on Tues Oct 15 at 6+4 and it started with pinkish brown blood. The next day I had a full period and passed what looked like one large clot. The bleeding seemed to slow down after passing the clot. Now the bleeding has begun again and it is bright red. I've been bleeding bright red since the 15th with some mild cramping. I'm scheduled to visit my GP tomorrow but am extremely worried that I should probably go to the ER tonight. I'm changing my nappy every 4 hours and they are not completely soaked but still I'm concerned. Anyone experience this and what and for how long should I expect this?

ashleysilver Sun 20-Oct-13 21:17:03

So sorry for your loss OP. My experience wasn't exactly the same as yours, but I did have a mc that was in two parts. The first part was on a Saturday and the second the following Monday. I bled for about 2 weeks in total, but it eased off a lot after the first week.

If it were me, I wouldn't go to a&e on a weekend night, if I could avoid it. Go to the gp in tomorrow and she can refer you to an early pregnancy unit if needed. Then you would be seen by a specialist who presumably knows what they are doing.

Monkeybrain10 Sun 20-Oct-13 22:50:00

Call nhs direct...i found them really helpful...or in fact just call your out of hours gp . They will prob say that as long as u r feeling ok then it's probably better for u to wait til morning....but do call them for some reassurance. Sorry for your loss.

squizita Mon 21-Oct-13 13:18:31

I had some retained materials after an ERPC, and when they came out, it was in the form of bright red blood. I had scans etc' to reassure (because there was a risk of molar due to T 69) over a period of weeks, although scary at the time it all sorted itself out naturally.

Hope that's of comfort but DO go see a doc, just to get it checked.

Mommieof4minus1 Tue 22-Oct-13 06:25:47

I stopped bleeding this morning right before I visited the GP. I used the potty before my shower (preparing for my Dr. visit). When I looked in the potty there was no more blood. I couldn't believe my luck (Just like a car before you take it to the mechanic huh?). I was not taken seriously in regard to my miscarriage. Instead my GP referred me to the Gyn/OB clinic which requires a "prenatal class" and 2 weeks prior confirmation before I could be seen. After re-explaining my sense of urgency I was advised to go to the ER. I drove home devastated, crying and in disbelief. I couldn't imagine any human being treating someonei n my condition the way I was treated. When I got home and used my potty I passed two clot that forced me to fish through the toilet water of urine and blood (I have never before been so aqainted with my toilet). What I found created the image in my mind that I compared to my poor deceased embryo. I hate being so graphic but I am so distraught and emotional right now. I can only describe it as a curved human shrimp with an eye on one side, four elongated limbs and a tail. The entire mass was covered in blood. I placed it in a ziploc bag and secured it in my freezer. It was then that the hysterical crying began again.

Bakingtins Tue 22-Oct-13 07:10:39

I'm sorry that your whole experience has been so traumatic, Mommie
I don't know why some medical staff have a hard time understanding that often what is needed is acknowledgement of the emotional impact of the loss, and reassurance that you are going to physically be ok through what can be a frightening experience.
There's nothing anyone can do to stop a miscarriage happening but the right support can make all the difference to how you cope.
You should find the bleeding settles down now, but you will probably bleed a bit (more like a period) for another week or so. It's worth doing a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks to ensure that it's negative and the hormones have settled back to zero.
It's very unlikely that you'll be offered any testing of the embryo if this was your first loss, but perhaps it would help to hold a little ceremony and bury it, plant a tree etc? Or the hospital would take it if you preferred. The hospital chaplain is sometimes a good person to approach. I had my first MC in hospital and the chaplain was the only person who seemed to be able to see past the purely medical. At my hospital they hold a monthly cremation for lost babies and we were able to contribute a prayer for the service. Losing a baby is a big thing and needs to be acknowledged as such. flowers

Mommieof4minus1 Tue 22-Oct-13 16:32:59

Thank you so very much for you kind and consoling words. This is one of the most difficult things I've ever been through. I do appreciate being fully understood and the compassion I've received from all of you wonderful ladies.

Monkeybrain10 Tue 22-Oct-13 22:50:07

Hi mommie, i am so sorry to hear u have had such a hard time....thinking of you flowers

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