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Waiting on AF to return post EPRC

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HollyBen Sat 19-Oct-13 11:03:48

It has been 37 days since I had my second EPRC at 9 week, though bleeding started at 5+2so it has been a looooooong time since positive baby thoughts. I haven't been temping or doing OPK so no idea whether I ovulated, though have DTD at various time since. I had convinced myself I might be pg due to various symptoms (which I still have) so POAS this week and got a BFN. So looks like I need to keep waiting. Anyone want to sit it out with me?

squizita Sat 19-Oct-13 12:15:11

sad Sorry to hear this. It's so worrying and frustrating when your cycle takes ages to come back. Hope the wait isn't too long!!

Chosenbyyou Sat 19-Oct-13 12:38:05

Hello, will def sit it out with you! I am awaiting mine too after about 30 days, have had quite a few af signs but nothing yet.

Think my body is still getting back to normal but it would be good to get the first one over with as I'm concerned it may be heavy or more painful.

What symptoms have you had? Xx

HollyBen Sat 19-Oct-13 12:54:06

Thanks for the replies. Feeling a bit sorry for myself today sad

I have intermittently tender boobs any constantly sore nipples, a bit of nausea and am peeing constantly - sorry if tmi! Was having headaches but they seem to have gone.

I think they say 4-6 weeks after so I hopefully only a few more days to wait. What shall we do whilst we sit it out? I have just been doing jigsaws with DD (2.5) so that's out

HollyBen Sat 19-Oct-13 13:46:58

Sorry got distracted there my suggestion of jigsaws is very rock and roll is it not! I do love a good jigsaw, though if you have ever done them with a toddler it is enough to make you tear your hair out.. So other things I have tried include internet shopping, eating, tidying, washing, eating. Ok ok my life is not exactly adrenaline filled. I might break out the ultimate pass the time option of ironing soon wink

Anyway chosenbyyou. Any signs of AF? Are you going to get back to TTC once AF appears

Chosenbyyou Sat 19-Oct-13 15:19:56

lol...the jigsaw sounds good!!

I have mainly been drinking wine and coffee, eating pate, rare beef and soft cheese. I'm not even that fussed about any of those (except wine maybe) but had them anyway lol!

Yes, we are going to try again after AF, take the relaxed approach really. Got a bfp first month ttc #1, had spotting at 12.4 and found out baby had died at 9wks (three days before our official scan appt). Think it will be harder to relax if/when get bfp again sad

Are you going to start trying again after AF?

My symptoms have been four day headache, bad mood (lol!), slight twinges rather than cramps. Am just waiting for the cramps to set in properly...

Are your symptoms normal for you pre af or not really? Before I had my bfp i had no symptoms at all, not even af symptoms though only thing i notices was my gag reflex (taking vitamins) was much stronger! xx

HollyBen Sat 19-Oct-13 20:14:38

Oh yes wine! How could I forget the wine I too have been indulging myself.

I usually have no AF symptoms either. I am generally a bit rubbish at spotting these things so that's not to say they weren't there. I think that is why I had myself convinced I might get a BFP this week (and if I am honest I still have a suspicion though given the wine intake....)

Definitely intending TTC straight away. No temping or OPK etc just good old DTD. They say you are more fertile after a MC so fingers crossed for quick BFPs. I tried for 8 months first time had a MC at 10 weeks, then BFP 2 months later. All good that time and DD is 2.5. Though I was pretty nervy throughout. I cried before, during and after my first scan at 8 weeks, then before and during the 12 weeks one. Would have still been crying after but the woman was a bit rude so I was too busy being annoyed!! Got a BFP straight after coming off the pill this time so who know what next time will bring.

I don't think I have ever wished so hard for AF to appear

Chattycat78 Sat 19-Oct-13 23:49:50

Hey guys, ill be joining you in the wait for AF but I suspect it won t be for a few weeks ( I only had the ERPC on wed). Saying that we ll probably try our luck before that just in case it is true about being more fertile after MC....

HollyBen Sun 20-Oct-13 09:31:01

Hi chatty. Sorry you are joining the wait but welcome! No harm in trying whilst you wait. Though we have not been actively TTC we haven't taken any precautions either. I have now been waiting for 38 days for AF. Have been having lots of symptoms all of which could be pg, could be AF. It is just an awful hormone fuelled waiting game . Hopefully we can help each other through x

Chosenbyyou Sun 20-Oct-13 13:09:04

hey Holly, sorry you have had to go through this twice but congrats on your lovely DD. are you going to keep testing for a BFP or wait it out for AF?

Chatty, sorry you are joining us but lets hope you get the BFP instead. have you had a BFN yet after your ERPC? I had mine a week after the MM which i was surprised tbh as i thought it would take longer than that for levels to drop.

Shame we are in this limbo land but we can help each other strange to be wanting AF!! xx

HollyBen Sun 20-Oct-13 19:30:53

So still no sign of AF, occasional nausea and don't even mention my nipples!!! So I popped into Asda tonight for some bit tonight and treated myself to some new tests. Going to wait until tomorrow morning, unless of course AF turns up in the meantime x

HollyBen Mon 21-Oct-13 08:19:30

another BF this morning. Guess I need to take my own advice and wait it out. So fed up

HollyBen Mon 21-Oct-13 08:42:08

That should say BFN

Chattycat78 Mon 21-Oct-13 18:09:54

Hey chosen, no I have n t had a bfn. Hospital told me to wait 3 weeks, so I was planning on hanging on a while. It's so hard to know whether to try before af comes or not though!

Holly- fingers crossed u get a bfp in the next few days! X

Chosenbyyou Mon 21-Oct-13 18:48:37

Hey holly, oh sorry to hear that. Was really hoping we would get some good news from your test sad . Your Symptoms sound really positive but then it's hard to know what dates are what ATM I suppose?

Oh right Chatty, they didn't give me any advise when to test so I did a couple of days after the bleeding stopped. I didn't try this month but we did DTD but just for closeness really as we had been through so much.

Nothing from me yet, thought today might have been the day but clearly not! Have done two tests, BFN so am still just waiting it out. Xx

lighthousesea Mon 21-Oct-13 19:16:56

Can I join too. I had my ERPC 7 weeks ago but no AF (although I do have a very long cycle normal).

I was also convinced I was pregnant again after having sore breasts but after many bfn know I'm not.

I hate the not knowing. Keeping occupied eating things I can't and drinking lots of wine. Also going to plan a big holiday next year so I have something to focus on (other than the non existent due date).

Sorry you are all here

Chattycat78 Mon 21-Oct-13 20:02:00

Good idea lighthouse. We ve just booked a holiday to cheer ourselves up too! Hope u get a bfp or af soon! X

NutcrackerFairy Tue 22-Oct-13 09:58:49

I am also waiting on AF... I think confused

Had MMC, no heartbeat at nuchal scan on the 18th Sep. Two days later had ERPC. Bled for about 2 to 3 days following ERPC then bleeding stopped completely.

Two weeks later I had what I thought might be AF - cramps, general moodiness, all the usual signs and symptoms basically. Bled like a normal AF, for about 3 days then stopped completely.

But now, 2 weeks later again, I started bleeding again. Looks sort of like normal AF but much lighter, minimal cramping, no mood swings. Also for a few days before I was having pregnancy like symptoms - nausea, tender nipples, dizziness... I know these can be AF type symptoms for some women but never for me, these have only ever been pregnancy symptoms... So I had sort of convinced myself I might be pregnant... which if correct means this latest bleed is a very early mc?

I just wish I would either be definitively pregnant or have a normal AF now. I don't have a clue what is going on or what is happening with my cycle confused

HollyBen Tue 22-Oct-13 17:43:50

Hi lighthousesea and nutcrackerfairy. Sorry for your losses and welcome to the wait.

Lighthousesea your symptoms sound exactly like mine. I have now resigned myself to them not being pg symptoms. Not really sure what they are though as I have had them for over 2 weeks. Most I can handle but the nipples thing is driving me insane-every time is brush against them I flinch!!

Nutcrackerfairy I had a previous EPRC in 2010 and had similarly had what I thought was AF after around 3 week. Then for the next few weeks had spotting etc. I have managed to blank a lot of the details so can't remember whether I also had any symptoms. On a positive this culminated in a BFP and she is now 2.5 smile

I agree the worst part is not knowing. Also everyones experiences are so different it is difficult to know what to expect. I really looking forward to the day when I am not going to the loo and inspecting what is going on - 3 and a half weeks of hoping the spotting would stop before MC confirmed and now wishing AF would show.

Maybe we should all go off on holiday somewhere nice. Any suggestions where?

Chosenbyyou Wed 23-Oct-13 20:02:44

hello lighthouse and nutcracker!

good idea on the holiday - i really need one too! now thinking af will turn up this w.e - have no real reason for that, just think so (or maybe really hope so)?! feeling quite down as it seems like i have been waiting for ages in limbo sad


HollyBen Wed 23-Oct-13 20:28:11

Hi chosen. Sorry to hear you are feeling down. It is awful being so out of control isn't it.

6 weeks and counting for me and it feels like AF is never going to appear. To make it worse a friend at work is a month ahead of where I would gave been. I have to watch her bump grow, look at scan photos etc I am really really pleased for her as she has been through a lot, but i am also jealous and sad. I hate feeling like this and cannot wait to get on with it.

Fingers crossed for AF soon x

Chattycat78 Wed 23-Oct-13 20:54:32

Hey guys,

Totally sympathising with the 'being in limbo'. I just want I get on with it too but I suspect we ve got a long way to go before we can! Definitely book holidays if you can to cheer yourselves up!

holly I totally get what you re saying about the friend at work. One of my best friends is a month in front of where I would have been and we also have other friends either with babies or who are heavily pregnant. It's really hard not to feel jealous and I wonder if its ever going to happen for ussad x

Chosenbyyou Wed 23-Oct-13 21:33:40

thanks guys!

keep getting ups and min fine and positive next min bit down with it all as I'm sure we all are sad

understand the work friend thing too, i have had two announcements where they explained what you saw at the scan etc and how wonderful it was....i am very happy for them and smiley at the time but it brings back my heart ache with the awful scan i had.

I also wonder if it will happen for us and im really scared about another MC and building my hopes up again for a fall....

fingers crossed for the AFs soon!!! xx

HollyBen Fri 25-Oct-13 09:38:00

Morning all! How are you doing today? Any sign of AF? My tender nipples seem to be getting less sensitive so I am hoping this means AF is on her way (been over 6 weeks now). Feeling quite positive, possibly as it is Friday and I don't work on a Friday. Hope you are all well x

Chosenbyyou Sat 26-Oct-13 17:15:16


well..mine is back! I am pleased but it is the opposite of everything i normally experience.

It is much heavier and more painful (only enough for normal pain killers luckily) but did keep me awake a fair bit last night. my mood has lifted which is good and can start to see a way forward now hopefully. Am still concerned, naturally, about the emotional side if this happens again but will try to chill out?!

how are you doing Holly, chatty and nutcracker? also, lighthouse how are things going? xx

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