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Stitch like pain?! Any ideas

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lucyfluff Mon 21-Oct-13 15:56:47

Ahhh ok thankyou for replying. Its funny how our bodies work isnt it! Today is the first day in over a week Im not in pain...fingers crossed its settling down

squizita Mon 21-Oct-13 13:14:37

Mine tended to be for 1-2 cycles after each loss. I treated it with paracetamol.

Ironically the time I had complications, there was no pain as retained materials/partial molar tissue was confusing my body!

lucyfluff Sun 20-Oct-13 09:10:26

Interesting squizita thankyou for posting on my thread. Could I ask how long you had the pain for? Was it enough to take paracetemol and cope?

Im 16 days post losss and about 7 days with this stitch pain which is niggling still. Not sure how long to leave it before I go back to docs??!!

squizita Sat 19-Oct-13 12:45:33

I agree with Baking - have got myself at sixes and sevens (once due to a junior doc almost WANTING something exciting like an ectopic) over 1 sided pains after loss before. Thankfully, got myself scanned both times, both times it was the cyst "shrivelling up" (mmm, nice way with words, sonographer) and quite natural.

The pains suck though. Especially as they remind you of the misery when you're trying to get over it.

lucyfluff Mon 14-Oct-13 13:38:53

Had a quick visit to GP, she felt tummy and not tender. Also did urine test and all clear for pregnancy etc so is putting it down to hormonal changes. I did mention cysts and she said if it continues they can scan me but its a wait and see really. Feel better for getting checked over first!

lucyfluff Mon 14-Oct-13 09:47:50

Oh really bakintins thankyou for that advice smile I rang epu and they said spk to GP so just waiting on a call back will let you know what she says. x

Bakingtins Sun 13-Oct-13 22:20:43

Ovarian cysts (persistent luteal cyst) are quite common after a loss. Agree with Harry though, if it doesn't feel right get back to EPU and they will probably scan you to make sure it's all ok.

AndHarry Sun 13-Oct-13 19:37:08

No idea but if you're in pain you should get checked out. I'd call your GP's out of hours service or NHS Direct.

Sorry for your loss. I was diagnosed with an early miscarriage and I didn't even know I was pregnant but was still very upset. Take care of yourself.

lucyfluff Sun 13-Oct-13 15:54:19

Hiya, any advice would be much appreciated.

Had positive preg test two weeks ago, started bleeding three days later and GP said to retest a week later. Did this Friday and it said negative so very early miscarriage logged. But since Friday evening I have had a pain on left hand side, not too bad like nagging stitch. No other symptoms except this. Has anyone had this? I've googled and arrived at obvious ectopic, but had neg test so doubt it could be this? Or could it be body getting back to normal?

Thanks lucy

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