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Confirmed today that I will miscarry, ERPC on Monday :(

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DownstairsMixUp Mon 14-Oct-13 20:08:19

Hi Mammy, hope it went ok today. I had an erpc at the start of september and I didn't find the recovery (physically) difficult at all. Hope you are ok. thanks

HollyBen Mon 14-Oct-13 18:23:08

Hope you are home recovering no mammy. I have had 2 ERPCs as I felt I was in control of when and here things happened. Sounds like your experience was similar to mine last month - 3 visits to EPU before they could confirm it wasn't a viable pregnancy. Thinking of you x

Chattycat78 Mon 14-Oct-13 15:20:35

Hi mammy hope it went ok for you today. I got the same answer at an 8 week scan on Saturday ( empty sac) and am sat at home waiting for the tablets to kick in, but I may end up having the ERPC also. at least it gives u closure on the physical side of things. X

Bakingtins Mon 14-Oct-13 08:06:20

Thinking of you mammy hope it goes as smoothly as possible flowers

chocolatefrog Mon 14-Oct-13 07:12:44

Thinking of you today Mammy x

Forester Sat 12-Oct-13 20:27:16

Sorry you are going through this as I'm sure it doesn't make things any easier the fact that there's been concerns for a while. I've had two ERPC's and added my experiences to the thread that Luisa's referred to above so I won't repeat it here. But in general while it's not how I'd choose to spend my day it's been ok (and given the choice what I'd always choose to do - though hopefully I won't ever have to make the choice again).

Good luck for Monday flowers

Luisa72 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:00:56

Sorry to hear this too. If you scroll down the discussion forums in this section you will find my thread as I had this procedure on Wednesday. Was actually ok. Once off to op theatre it goes real quick and before I knew it I was sipping sweet tea and munching on a cheese and pickle sandwich. I was quite scared I must admit but the docs and nurses involved were so kind, sensitive and instilled confidence in me that they knew what they were doing etc. Do keep talking on here as it SO helps with the physical and emotional recovery. Now its Sat I'm very tired and bit wobbly on my feet but am feeling stronger physically hour by hour. Bit of a bleed each day like very light period. I found ibruprofen and co-codrydamol helpful in soothing the initial cramping and aches. All the best. Will be thinking of you Monday. Luisa

Bakingtins Fri 11-Oct-13 22:28:58

Hi Mammy sorry you are facing this. No matter how much preparation you've had it's still horrible when the last vestige of hope is extinguished. I've had natural and a medical miscarriage and effectively an ERPC after the birth of my son, and given the choice I'd pick the ERPC (hasn't been on offer for various reasons when I've MC). I think for many women it's the least worst option. Hope it goes smoothly for you on Monday. We're here if you need support.

chocolatefrog Fri 11-Oct-13 21:10:52

Hi mammy
Sorry for your loss. Like you say, even though you were half expecting it, it's still devastating. I had a MMC 3 months ago. Went for 12 wk scan and the baby had died a few weeks before. I opted for a ERPC as like you I found it the least traumatic out of all the options, and I wanted it over with ASAP given that my body wasn't letting go of it. Saying that, I was scared of having a general but it was all fine. I had to wait around a while as they were busy, so I got there at 9am but didn't go down to theatre until 4.30. I did bleed quite a bit afterwards but I know a lot of people have minimal bleeding. I had NO PAIN at all (or maybe it was masked by the fabulous drugs they give you.....make sure you take everything on offer!). It was a relief to wake up and know that that part was over with. I was very tired for a while afterwards. Take it easy!
I think the risk of infection is higher after the procedure as oppose to now. My baby had died about 3 1/2 weeks before, and I had zero symptoms that suggested anything was wrong (quite the opposite.....I was still experiencing morning sickness. What a cruel twist of fate!). No signs of infection either. Just be aware of signs of infection after the ERPC, such as temperature, pain, bleeding. The hospital will explain all this to you and if you are in any doubt go back to them.
Look after yourself. It's a sad journey to be on, be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grieve after the physical side of things are sorted. I naively assumed I would emotionally bounce back quickly but the emotional side of things has been turbulent and unpredicatble. I have found these threads a godsend. xx

MammySam Fri 11-Oct-13 19:48:41

Hi all,
Just had it confirmed today that my pregnancy is definitely unviable after many scans and visitis to the EPAU over the last few wks.
Started with sharp abdominal pans on one side when I was circa 5wks and for the last 4 wks have had various blood tests which showed my HCGlevels weren't doubling and the scan was initially blank - no preg visible, then a week later there was a sac but looked empty, then a week after that sac still there, grew a small amount but still empty, and today, 10 days later, there was no change to previous scan.
I obviously had quite a bit of warning that this would happen. Still very sad tho.
I've opted for an EPRC which will take place on Monday. Has anyone else got experience of is? It seemed like the least traumatic of all the options rather than waiting for the sad inevitable natural miscarriage or opting for the horrible sounding medical management. Also the sac has obviously been in there a while so chances of infection etc are getting higher.
Any advice appreciated?
Sam x

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