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So, what are the signs of infection after miscarriage?and what r the risks of not spotting infection?

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MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Jun-06 14:31:46

long story short...started bleeding at 10 weeks, had scan which showed 6 week sac, mw then said i would either m/c or there would b a heartbveat at another scan in 2 weeks. Lost the baby that night and carried on blleding. next scan showed i still had "products" but that most had passed. Another scan booked for a further 2 weeks to check all had gone.

3rd scan was today and there are still products left which may or may not come out with a period (their words) and i have been told to keep an eye for infection. when i asked what i was supposed to look for she said oh the usual post partum infection things and left the room telling me that they "let you go" at this stage

SO, what are the signs of infection?

and what r the risks to me if i don't spot infection?

Nemo1977 Fri 30-Jun-06 14:35:05

signs I think are smelling a bit funny, large amounts of blood loss, any pain or discomfort.

expatinscotland Fri 30-Jun-06 14:39:36

fever or elevated temp, too.

i'd phone back, lay it on thick and get a D&C.

i can't believe they've let you go on like this! what a bunch of heartless twits.

Nemo1977 Fri 30-Jun-06 14:42:27

agree about d+C think would be better option. At least then you know its clear.

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Jun-06 14:43:28

i asked about other options 2 weeks ago and they said that what was left was too small for surgery and left it at that.

expatinscotland Fri 30-Jun-06 14:44:51

call them back and cry and tell them about how it's causing you grave emotional distress.

put on a real show.

the squeaky wheel gets the grease and they're being far too dismissive.

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Jun-06 14:45:52

can't ring back now as they are closed til monday (f*ing useless epu, not even open all day!)

desperate2bmum Fri 30-Jun-06 15:08:13

hi mum of monsters

sorry to hear you are going through this. i m/c 2 weeks ago and the morning after i went to the epu and i got scanned and they told me it was complete. the talk i received from the doctor was that 2-3 days the pain will stop and after 2 weeks the bleeding will stop and there is a risk of infection as baby was dead for 4 weeks inside. a few days later the bleeding got heavier the pain was getting worse day by day and it was getting smelly (TMI SORRY) i called the epu and spoke to a nurse and she said oh no you wont have an infection yet and that was the end of it. a couple of days later i was in absolute agony and visited my doc to see if she could shed some light she was shocked i hadnt been given antibiotics and prescribed me 2 lots and said if im not better by 2 days to go to a & e but thankfully after 1 day on them i was feelingmuch better and the bleeding near enough stopped.
are you still bleeding or in pain? and how long has it been going on for? if you are concerned call them again or go and see your doctor and get some antibiotics just incase, they wont do any harm even if there isnt an infection.
i knew somthing wasnt right because of all the pain i was in and the smell but if you are feeling well physically then i wouldnt panic too much.
hope that has helped a tiny bit and i hope you feel a lot better soon.

RnB Fri 30-Jun-06 15:08:29

Message withdrawn

FlameBoo Fri 30-Jun-06 15:08:46

Have emailed, and am now trying to log into a different messenger

I am here if you want to talk.

RnB Fri 30-Jun-06 15:10:37

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Jun-06 15:22:42

m/c on 1st june. lots of pain on the first few days (like early labour)then managable pain for anpther week ish.bleeding stopped last week. bled again tuesday and passed some more stuff and have had tiny spotting today . feeling pre period so poss that causing spotting. achy in lower abdomen but pre menstrally (i think)

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Jun-06 15:23:46

Flame, i'm not signed in to messenger, i really should b doing housework while the boys are asleep and dp rehearsing

desperate2bmum Fri 30-Jun-06 20:48:31

give it a few more days mum then if your a/f hasnt arrived seek medical attention from your doctor and gets antibiotics to be on the safe side..the way ilook at it better to be safe than sorry.

Quacks Fri 30-Jun-06 21:57:16

Hello there, I had missed m/c and took them 3 weeks to let me have an ERPC. I had several scan s and was told it would come out, but didn;t and it caused so much heartache. Eventually the agreed to ERPC. Got infection after. This was as already described, although I didn't have a temp, there a smell and it was tender. didn;t feel right really on the whole. Took a further 10 weeks of bleeding scans and threat of further ERPC and anothercourse of anti biotics and maybe three periods to be back on track. BUT I did get pg again and have a 2 yr old now. Fight for the ERPC. the physical stuff would be over and oyu can get on with dealing with the heart and head side of things. xxxxx

nannyme Wed 05-Jul-06 00:27:53

I had my missed miscarriage 'discovered' at my 16 week scan on 8th December. The baby was more 12 week size so quite possibly died a few weeks previous (?). I went in for an 'induction' and baby was born on 12th December.

They had huge trouble getting rid of the placenta and it came away in bits - (tmi alert) much of it picked out with various tools through my open cervix which was horiffic and so I asked them to stop. I asked for a D&C and they said "one more go - we just have to get this last bit we can see" and then you won't have to have a GA. They thought they had removed all products and I was left to recover over a period of 3 days in hospital as I had lost very large amounts of blood throughout this and was close to a transfusion.

Went home with AntiB's and a stash of iron tablets and felt heaps better for almost a week but then began to feel a bit rubbish. Went to Drs on Christmas Eve as I was bleeding more heavily and had mild pain and felt feverish (little did I know my tepm was sky high) and was sent of for a scan at which they baulked at the amount of stuff still in my womb.

Off to hospital for IV antibiotics this time as they had to clear infection before they could operate since infection was pretty bad and my womb 'boggy' apparently.

Deteriorated rapidly at this point and became delirious with uncontrollable shakes. Blood test confirmed infection had spread to my blood.

Don't remember much after this except going for D&C and feeling a ton better after although weak.

I missed my Christmas with my three young children and baby was born dead on my DP's birthday so very sad memories around this time but this was all 18 months ago. I have resumed very normal periods so I hope that all would be well if I wished to conceive in the future.

This has turned into a bit of a narcissistic ramble, sorry, but my point was that you really will know about it if your situation becomes serious.

Fecer, bleeding, pain and smell are dfinitely what to watch for.

I think you will just 'know' if something is not right.

Truly sorry for your loss.

MerlinsBeard Wed 05-Jul-06 19:43:55

So sorry that you went thru that nannyme but thank you for sharing your story for me. How horrific for you

nannyme Thu 06-Jul-06 00:50:11

No worries. If it helps to put your mind at rest then it is worth sharing methinks. Anyway, it can be cathartic to express these things too sometimes.

How are you doing just now?

nannyme Thu 06-Jul-06 00:51:00

Oh and apologies for various sp mistakes and typos!

hairytriangle Fri 18-Jun-10 19:28:09

Hi MB I am in similar situation, 30 days bleeding after mc (which was two weeks before this bleeding started) and have raised it with EPU several times, general bruised feeling in abdomen, heavy bleeding etc, GP has just prescribed antibiotics, hopefully it will stop whatever the heck is going on!

brok307 Mon 05-Jan-15 22:53:40

I was 13 weeks pregnant n I had a miscarriage on the 18th of December 2014, they sent me home wit nothing I bleed for a week and a half. I'm not bleeding no more. But I still feel pressure I don't hurt just feel pressure n it's going on for almost 3 weeks now. I have a drs appt on the 8th.

happylass2020 Tue 14-Jul-15 12:04:42

I had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks and baby was 6 weeks. I chose the medical management and went home from hospital. I took the prescribed misoprostol and codeine at 12 midday. by 20.00 my fluid gushed out of my vagina (tmi) and then the pain started. the pain experienced was extremely painful (hence during my first labour with my first child I only had codeine whilst in actual labour) the pain I felt that night was much worse. I would describe it as a forced pain and don't think it helped that I wasn't mentally expecting that amount of pain. I ended up at a&e. The doctor checked my cervix to see if there was anything stuck, took my bloods, but by the time I was seen 03.00 hours later the pain was subsiding but felt rather tender and sore.
Two weeks later I had strong smelling blood from my vagina and heavier bleeding. I rang the midwife on the Saturday at the early pregnancy unit and she advised I go to a&e and get some antibiotics as the thinks I have an infection.
The doctor at a&e checked up cervix and took a swab, took a urine sample and informed me I have both a urine infection and womb infection. I was prescribed amoxicillin and metronidazole antibiotics and advised I wait until 3 weeks to check if I was still pregnant. whilst having infection generally had a feeling of feeling unwell and tired.
I rang the midwife at the early preganancy unit Monday morning to confirm what the doctor in a&e advised. the nurse said I would have to wait for the three week period to see if I had a negative or positive pregnancy test and wouldnt do anything before this time even though I have an infection so now is a waiting game to see if pregnancy test comes back positive.
From this experience I think professionals can get things wrong !, I was quite concerned I hadn't been offered an injection after the miscarriage as I am blood group 0 - and could have rejected my next baby if my babys blood group and been blood group +, unless they assumed this next baby was my husbands who has the same blood group. but why would a professional assume that?
DONT JUST BE SUBMISSIVE AND TRUST PROFESSIONALS AUTOMATICALLY. its always better to get a second opinion, even if you feel silly doing this, research things yourself, you can even ring a different early pregnancy unit if you don't agree with what they have said. im sure hospital have different policies, waiting lists etc.
Take control of your own health because it will be you who suffers not the doctors/nurses. Health professionals work 12 hour shifts with only half an hour breaks with increasing bed pressures. IF IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT X

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