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Medical management at home

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Luisa72 Fri 04-Oct-13 09:31:57

Me again! I would be grateful to hear of any experiences of those who have had the pessaries at home. What happened and for how long? I'm turning out not to be the text book case but maybe there are others out there too like me? Just want to have some kinda sense of where I'm at in all of this. Its horrible not knowing whats going on in your body. It doesn't help me being an analytical type. I want to know the whys etc!
I took my second dose yesterday inserted by hospital staff. Came home. 4 hours after taking it started. I got a sense I needed the loo and that lotta blood coming. I put a large towel over my legs so that both me and my hubby wouldn't be overwhelmed as both squeamish. Anyhow sensed a lot of blood coming out at quite a pace. Quite quickly I felt nauseus and could feel the world turning white. I tried to fight unconsciousness by drinking loads of sugary drinks. My hubby used cold flannels on me and fanned me. Didn't feel any pain at this point. Then I tried to get up as felt I needed air but immediately fainted into the bath! Hubby caught me and got me back to the toilet. This was a horrible stage that I didn't think would end but it did prob after about 45/60mins. Then moved into another phase of deep deep ache in my lower back and front. I went on all fours as this seemed to help. Took co-codramol that hospital had given me and this helped. Hot water bottle on my back also helped. This phase seemed to come to and end around 6.30ish. Then I was able to get up and go in lounge to watch tv etc with cushions all around me. Anyhow since then overwhelming tiredness and twinges as if mini contractions but I don't sense I've had the worst of it yet or have I? In the leaflets it describes terrible pain as sac comes out and describes contractions. Have I had those? As I've not given birth ever I have no idea. Have phoned EPU and at mo just fobbing me off with the old take a preg test in two weeks again. I want a scan! I want to see if passed or not. This is bad enough as it is without waiting another two weeks. If incomplete I would rather have surgery now and get it over with. Already taken a lot of time off work and I know I will need recovery time. Anyone out there sympathise or offer their experiences or offer advice? Sorry I feel like I'm hogging lots of the forums! This is such a horrible time. Luisa x

neolara Fri 04-Oct-13 09:38:39

Bloody hell. I'm sorry you had to do that at home. And I'm sorry you lost your baby. I've had medical management in hospital and given the amount of blood loss, (which was frankly shocking) I couldn't imagine why any hospital would send a woman home to miscarry in this way. Sorry if this bit is a bit graphic - but in hospital the nurses collected all the blood loss and look to make sure the sac had come away. On one occasion when I had medical management it looked and felt like the sac had come away, but in fact it hadn't and they had to remove manually. If they hadn't, I would have just kept on bleeding.

Svrider Fri 04-Oct-13 10:04:01

I think you've probably lost the egg sac etc with the bleeding
What you've described sounds very similar to my 2 mcc at home
Try to rest
DVD box sets are your friend!
Good luck with it all
The bleeding is usually rather heavy for around1 week iirc

moreteafather Fri 04-Oct-13 10:06:10

Agree neolara. I PMed Louisa (I am in same hospital) and frankly it's shocking that they send women home to medical manage.

I had to be admitted because I was 13 weeks although baby 10+5, but no-one prepared me for the blood loss. I passed enormous clots the size of a mature placenta, (much bigger than the sack) and blacked out 4 times, so they stopped me from going to the loo on my own.

I ended up needing IV fluids and having a gynae fish bits out of my cervix at 2am on the ward with a speculum (I had to grab her trousers lol). Passing the sack was fine and quite swift. it was the bleeding afterwards that was bad. I was soaking through a pad every 5 minutes and wound up
In adult nappies [blushes]

Back home now and all my limbs, especially my thighs and bottom are aching and burning. My chest really hurts too and I'm away with the fairies (more so than usual). grin

I think I need a transfusion I must have lost at least a litre and a half (conservatively) but the doctor forgot to send off the blood she spurted everywhere whilst struggling to take a sample, but as I'm discharged not sure what to do.

But I would recommend anyone doing medical management to demand to be admitted. If it wasn't for the liquid morphine I wouldn't have got through it. Anecdotally a friend of mine did loads of medical research into this, even accessing BMJ journals etc and she reckons ERPC always safest, especially if they do the guided suction via ultrasound,

It's hideous. I feel like I am almost too physically battered to mourn the baby. I think it's going to creep up on me at some point and smash me in the face. sad

Luisa72 Fri 04-Oct-13 13:46:08

Thanks for all your support on here. Cant believe what my friend above has had to go through. Horrendous. Can I just say that my local GP surgery has been fantastic through this traumatic time. They insisted my doc did a home visit today. Just been and did my blood pressure, temp, felt my tummy and booked me for bloods tests to check if now anaemic. I don't like the way the EPU just leave you to get on with it at home without any check ins. I've saved them money not coming in and yet they haven't once checked in with me or offered any tests to see if I'm ok despite me telling them re: blacking out etc.

Anyway thanks to mumsnet I continued being assertive today (came with an emotional cost as sobbed after) but managed to get unhelpful person on duty at EPU today to go outside her 'protocol' and let me have another scan on Tuesday as I'm convinced there is still material to pass. I didn't tell you that I had extensive surgery a few years back when 45 fibroids were removed from my womb very skilfully by an amazing consultant Prof Manyonda who specialises in all that. If I had stayed in my local hospital I would have had a hysterectonmy. He gave me the opp to be able to fall pregnant in the first place and I'm so grateful to that. Because of all this I'm worried my womb might not be up for the contractions necessary to push the sac out. As if Id gone on to a healthy pregnancy I'd already been rec a C section. My GP gets this but the EPU are not really listening and are just following general guidelines. Each of us is unique with our own story that needs to be heard eh?

If I need surgery I'd rather know now than later as this has all gone on far too long. They must realise that we all need lots of recovery time as it is - never mind with additional complications.

Hoping this season comes to an end soon. My first wedding anniversary at the end of the month. Want to be able to somehow enjoy the hotel and break booked and try to look to the future again.

Keep crying but aware everyone else on here is too. Together in our pain. x

Chosenbyyou Fri 04-Oct-13 15:23:31


I think it should be personal choice as I had MM at home and although a very difficult process much preferred that to hospital, I felt more in control and preferred the privacy of it if that makes sense. (Found out at 12.4 and baby had died at 9wks).

I wasn't 100% sure what I had passed either as I didn't want to look but felt that I had passed the sac and other things as well as the pain stopped after that point. My bleeding continued heavy for a day, period like for three days and then tailed off. I did a pregnancy test a week and two days later which was negative even though I was still spotting brown.

Your GP sounds very supportive which is fab. After the physical stuff is sorted, I found an emotional dip personally, coping and focus has gone and I was just then thinking about it a little more. Having said that I am now feeling more positive for the future but someone on here put that it changes you slightly as a person and I really feel that.

Take care xx

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