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Bleeding 4+4 advice please...

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lucyfluff Fri 04-Oct-13 08:25:29


I've only found out I am pregnant this week. Last night we dtd and it didn't hurt but started bleeding after. Now it's quite heavy bright red blood. No clots or pain.

I've never experienced miscarriage so if anyone could kindly give me some advice on what to do or expect I would appreciate it x

Bakingtins Fri 04-Oct-13 13:43:50

Hi Lucy. First thing to say is some women have bleeding in early pregnancy and do not miscarry, though heavy bleeding does not sound encouraging. Since you are very early, there will not have been time for a huge amount of womb lining to build up, and the embryo will be the size of a poppy seed, so you are unlikely to "see" anything other than blood. You probably will not have worryingly heavy bleeding at that stage either, but if you feel it's unmangeable or you are soaking a maxi pad in less than an hour go to EPU or A+E. You need to use pads rather than tampons to reduce the risk of infection.
There is nothing that anyone can do to stop an early miscarriage happening. If you go to EPU you will be too early for them to see anything on a scan, though they may be able to do blood tests 48 hours apart to see if the pregnancy is progressing. I would probably do a HPT yourself first - if it's negative then sadly the pregnancy is not continuing. It is worth informing your GP so it is marked on your medical records, but unless you feel you need reassurance I would stay home with some painkillers if you get any cramps, a hot water bottle and a large bar of chocolate.
It's a crappy thing to go through - I'm sorry you are facing it.

lucyfluff Fri 04-Oct-13 14:59:18

Thankyou for your reply bakintins I appreciate it. You are right about so many things, Im just unsure of what to expect.

This morning has seen increase of blood with slight cramps but no clots yet. I have used two pads so far. I did ring GP and he said the same as you, so now its a waiting game really and I will retest next Friday.

Im feeling sad about it all even more so for my hubbie, he keeps txting saying be positive but I dont want to get his hopes up and let him down.

Its a wierd feeling not knowing what is going on inside...

Thanks again x

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