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Can anyone tell me if this is AF or just post ERPC bleeding?

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chocolatefrog Tue 01-Oct-13 17:29:28

Hi Nutcracker, after my ERPC I bled for about 3 weeks. Some days would be heavier than others. I had my first period 28 days exactly after the ERPC. So I had a week in between when I didn't bleed. At the time I thought it was still blood from the ERPC as I thought it would be too soon to be AF. It only lasted 5 days, got lighter and indeed it happened again a month later. So was in fact AF. That still doesn't answer your question though. It seems rather early to be AF. Did you have a scan after to check everything was clear? They didn't get everything out after my ERPC and started bleeding VERY HEAVILY 6 days after. The scan showed product still left inside. Perhaps your body is still passing bits that were left?!

Honey786 Tue 01-Oct-13 13:34:20

Hi Nutcracker,

Wasn't sure whether to post as I don't think I can help with your question. After my ERPC I bled for about 10 days but it ranged from heavy bleeding to spotting to almost nothing and then heavy bleeding again, etc. When it stopped, AF returned 28days after the day of ERPC just like a normal cycle. Not sure if this helps but hope someone else can help xx

NutcrackerFairy Tue 01-Oct-13 12:44:42

I had an ERPC on 20th September [two days after 12 week scan which showed that baby had died at about 11 weeks sad].

I had period like blood flow for about 2 days after procedure and then that tailed off into spotting. No pain or discomfort at all. Then nothing until a week later when I again had slight spotting and cramps... and now I have what look like my normal period confused

From what I have been reading on the internet it seems you should expect AF between 4 to 6 weeks after your ERPC... But this feels like AF, with the cramps and also feeling of PMT a couple of days before and now normal flow...

Has anyone ever had this experience? And do you think it's possible that this is AF 11 days after my ERPC or is it my body having a further clear out after the ERPC?

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