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When did AF return?

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barkingtreefrog Sat 28-Sep-13 07:38:07

I am impatiently waiting for AF to arrive so I can start taking clomid again and return to ttc. I don't think the pain will go away or lessen considerably at least, (especially with our closest friends at the same stage of pg as we would have been), until I can get pg again. It finally happened for us on the clomid so hopefully it can happen again. But how long might I be waiting before I can take it? I realise it's different for everyone but a straw poll would be helpful!

barkingtreefrog Fri 01-Nov-13 16:01:38

Hope the docs help both of you. My gp tried to tell me I should take a bit more time out before trying again anyway as I'd already been pregnant this year and it would be a strain on my body to get pregnant again straight away. I felt like pointing out the strain on my mental health after trying for two years to get pregnant in the first place!! And I've already waited 2 months for AF, never mind to start trying again!!
I think because I was already under the fertility clinic she didn't want to do anything (she admitted herself she 'wasn't exactly an expert in this area') apart from just sending me back there.

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