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hcg levels have flatlined 6 weeks after termination for medical reasons.

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ldt87 Thu 05-Sep-13 09:39:23

Hi all, looking for some advice

6 weeks ago I terminated due to anencephaly. I am still getting faint positive tests and had bloods done on Monday and yesterday. Both times my hcg level has come back at 32. The doctors aren't concerned and say it will be gone in the next week or two and I should see a period soon. I was 12 weeks at termination so they say my levels would have been high to start with

This is all good enough for them, but I feel uneasy, waking up feeling sick and worrying that something is left behind. When I said this they said they can see if the procedure is complete at the 12 week point. But why aren't my levels dropping? I can't get any answers and in feel like I'm pestering them now because I keep asking when it will be negative. They less saying it's perfectly normal for it to take this long

I really want to try again and with a hcg of 32 I doubt I'll ovulate or get a period, but they seem to think I'll still get a period at this level. It's driving me mad that it's staying the same!

Please does anyone have any advice or experience? Xx

ldt87 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:09:25

Hopeful bump...

Ruggle Thu 05-Sep-13 11:56:10

I was still showing faint positives for almost 5 weeks after my mmc (at 11 weeks, but baby stopped growing around 6). My AF started on day 35, so I guess I ovulated while there were still some low levels of HCG floating around my body. I was told to expect my period between 4 and 6 weeks after the mmc, so you are only just at the top end of the "normal" wait, and even a bit beyond 6 is probably still nothing to worry about.
I still had some small clots left behind which showed up on my last scan, but I was told they'd either be reabsorbed or would pass when my period started, and nothing to worry about unless there was abdominal pain or fever as those could be signs of infection.
Hope it resolves for you soon!

owainsmum Thu 05-Sep-13 12:20:15

Sorry to hear about your loss, I also lost a baby with anencephaly in December, found out at the 12 week scan, then had medical termination. I think I got af about 6 weeks later, but didn't do any pg tests so don't know what my hcg levels were like. I did have retained tissue which I found out about 3 months later though, I never got an infection thou which is unusual. I had a couple of extremely heavy bleeds and lots of pain, after a gp fobbed me off and then a visit to A&E I got a scan. They saw the retained products and then I ended up having erpc. Anyway it's only 6 weeks for you now so still could be a while before you get af, although the hcg level could indicate retained products.
Sorry you're going through all this, it's horrible, and I still think about my baby every day, hope you get sorted soon

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