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Really early smiley after mc?

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Thatssofunny Sun 01-Sep-13 09:20:00


We've decided to re-start ttc this cycle and I've started using the cb digi advanced sticks again (used them when I got pregnant). I took the first one on cd8 - empty circle, then cd9- flashing smiley, now it's cd10 and I've got a fixed smiley. Wtf? Are my hormones just still all over the place? (I got a negative pg test and had my first period.) Usually, I don't ov until cd15 at the earliest,...mostly a bit later than that. Last time, I didn't start with the sticks until cd12, though. Am I doing something wrong? It's left me slightly confused and baffled now...

Bakingtins Sun 01-Sep-13 11:40:14

Fairly normal for cycles to be a bit all over the place for a few months afterwards. I'd take advantage, so to speak wink Good luck!

omama Sun 01-Sep-13 21:53:06

I had similar experience but at the other end of my first cycle ttc after mc, also using the cb digi advanced. I usually get a +ve opk around cd18 but this time it was on cd22 & then I came on 2 days later. Who knows why! I seem to think the leaflet says to wait 3 cycles after mc before using the opk, but I am going to try again this time. Good luck!

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