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First period after mc

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Thatssofunny Mon 26-Aug-13 18:13:37


I had an early mc at the beginning of July,...and after a lot of issues with hcg levels and several trips to the hospital (it's apparently a "pregnancy of unknown location", but I haven't been in for three weeks), I think I'm finally having my first period. In terms of timings it would fit and makes sense.
However, nothing with this mc seems to be "normal" (no pain, very little bleeding, mostly spotting), so I'm not sure whether af is actually af...if that makes sense.
Usually, I get one day of comparatively heavy bleeding (fill about three or four pads that day) and cramping (one paracetamol is my friend and sufficient), then it slows down and is gone after 4 days.
I was expecting this af to be quite heavy. It seems to just be rather drawn out. It's a little lighter than usual (so not the usual first-day loss of blood, still no cramping), but I'm on day three and still need two pads a day,...not filling the second one. My usual pattern is completely gone, so I'm not even sure when this is going to stop again. I seem to bleed more in the morning and not much in the evening/at night (which is actually normal for me).

Now, can I class this as af and assume that it is just a little on the weird side,... or not? I really want to get back to ttc. blush Any ideas anyone?

Janek Mon 26-Aug-13 18:31:38

My first period after mmc and eprc was weird - it stopped and started and was only bright red blood. It was like my womb had been completely cleaned out (which it had, i suppose) and so there was no old, dark blood to come out. These is merely my supposition, but in my head explained the gaps in bleeding iyswim.

But my cycle was normal straight away, next period was normal and i was pg with my beautiful dd2 after that smile.

googietheegg Mon 26-Aug-13 18:35:05

Exactly the same as janek for me too. It's all such a crazy/tricky time that nothing is 'normal' so just be kind to yourself and see what happens next month.

googietheegg Mon 26-Aug-13 18:35:54

I also got pregnant with dd the month after! Have you ever seen me and janek in the same room...?

Thatssofunny Mon 26-Aug-13 19:43:53

Thanks Janek and googie, that's put my mind at rest a little. Sorry you had to have the same experience.

I had a similar "period" about four/five weeks ago and that seemed to have cleared out a lot, despite having been comparatively light as well. Levels hadn't dropped substantially by this point, though, although my lining had apparently got a lot thinner, which the lady doing the scan seemed pleased about. hmm

I think we'll start trying again this cycle. Would have had so much time to dtd in the past few weeks, but of course the holidays will be over before we get back to ttc. angry Oh well, we'll see what happens. Not too keen on going back to work. My colleague's due date is only a few days before mine would have been. sad Have to watch her get round on her own now. sad envy sad

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