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How long until miscarriage starts?

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picpoul Mon 26-Aug-13 10:37:55

I had a positive pregnancy test last Sunday. On the Monday evening I was taken into hospital with a query ectopic pregnancy. They couldn't see anything on the scan so I went back in on the Thursday to have another blood test and my hormone levels had more than halved, meaning the pregnancy has failed. They aren't sure still whether it was ectopic or not but I suppose it doesn't matter now.

I was around 5 weeks pregnant so very early days. Nothing has happened yet though, apart from back pains which I've been having for a week, and the odd bit of period type cramping. There has been no blood at all, tiniest smear of bloody discharge (sorry! TMI) but really nothing at all.

I'm just wondering how long these things take to start? And how long it lasts? The waiting is awful, I really want this to be over with sad

Thank you.

caringmummy2013 Mon 26-Aug-13 11:52:08

Are they reviewing you again in couple of weeks to recheck levels and scan fallopian tubes? Im guessing they did scan of ovaries as well as normal ultrasound of uterus? Sometimes hospitals can leave people until their next period was due and then if nothing treat but problem with this can be infection can occur If got concerns recontact the hospital or ask to speak to a community midwife for support

bluelighthouse Thu 29-Aug-13 13:39:23

My 7 week 'baby' died over 5 weeks ago. There is still no sign of anything happening naturally so now having to go down the surgical route.

Im sorry this has happened to you. Most hospitals will recommend waiting at least two weeks to be sure the pregnancy has failed and to give you a chance to do things naturally. Please be kind to yourself and seek support from those closest to you and take your time to grieve your loss.

Iamnotaplastichag Thu 29-Aug-13 22:40:25

Hi - I am very sorry to hear your news. My experience sounds slightly different (I discovered at 10 weeks that my baby had stopped developing at around 6 weeks - so they could see the wee dot on the scan) but I started with the slightly browny red discharge on the Friday which continued like that until the Tuesday when it got a bit darker (point at which I got scan and they told me they thought pregnancy had 'failed' - hated that term). By Wednesday I was cramping and bleeding more and had passed most of the 'pregnancy tissue' (basically the sac came out intact) by Thursday night. I continued to pass clots and stuff until the Monday and then bled (progressively more lightly) for another 4 or 5 days.

Sorry for all the detail if it's not what you're looking for (and I think experiences can be very different) but I just found it so difficult to get info on this type of thing when it was happening to me. It is just so confusing and I can totally understand the desire to get it over with. I also found the wait for it to really kick in and become clear what was happening difficult.

My thoughts are with you. Be good to yourself xxx

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