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Vickyh23 Sun 25-Aug-13 09:18:29

Two weeks ago I felt different about my pregnancy I went for a scan and wad told me had lost the baby at 7weeks bit it was still visible in its pregnancy sack.
I was given the two options of natural miscarriage or managed miscarriage in hospital. We both decided eventually that controlled was the best way.
I went for the initial tablet last Thursday then into hospital for the day yesterday. Before I arrived to hospital I could barely stand in pain all around my lower stomach, whiten I got out of the car I had a gush of watery fluid come away from me and lots of blood. Very strange sensation! I then had the tablets and was in hospital for almost 14 hours. They ended up having to do an internal whets they pulled the sack out of me and announced the cervix had closed and I was ok to return home. However, since then the cramps are tight and I curl in pain after going to the toilet. I'm trying hot water bottles and pain relief but unsure if I should be concerned I may have an infection? ? any advice from anyone would be great xx

Happydust Sun 25-Aug-13 09:43:45

Hi Vicky,
I am so sorry you are going through this. It sounds as though you have gone through a terrible ordeal. I was diagnosed with a post mc infection yesterday mainly due to having a fever. If I were you I would get it checked out . We know our own bodies and if all doesn't feel right then get things checked to make sure. I would probably call the hospital for advice .
Best of luck getting through this horrible experience and I am sorry for your loss,

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