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Could this be anything other than MC?

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GetStuffezd Thu 22-Aug-13 19:02:23

Sorry to intrude on here.
I posted a while ago on a different board as my friend was panicking an dI didn't know how to help her (I have no DC)
She is early 40's and about 9 weeks pregnant I think. She was having pink blood traces and mild pain. Today it's escalated and the pains are quite bad and she is passing clots. I had a medical termination a few years ago so do know how it feels to "pass" an early pregnancy and she says she hasn't "passed" what she would know to be a foetus... She's quite resigned but feeling very upset and scared. I don't know what to say.

Is there any way she could be ok? Emergency scan tomorrow.

Bakingtins Fri 23-Aug-13 07:33:14

It's possible to bleed quite badly in early pregnancy and or it all to be ok, but escalating cramping and clots does not sound hopeful - sorry. If it turns out to be bad news there's a recent thread with suggestions of how to support a friend going through it.

GetStuffezd Fri 23-Aug-13 08:52:28

Thank you, Bakingtins I shall find that. She said it did stop last night but I haven't spoken to her this morning so don't know how the night went.

coco2303 Fri 23-Aug-13 17:21:52

I bled really heavily in early pregnancy every 2 weeks with cramps etc. It was heavy but would last for a day or 2. I paniced as I had not long before had a stillborn baby. However I nw have a 6 week old baby girl from the pregnancy where even the hospital thought I was miscarrying at first smile. So there is hope although I no it is more common that when you bleed and have pain that you are miscarrying but tell your friend not to write it off completely. Hope it works out for her

GetStuffezd Fri 23-Aug-13 17:27:55

Thanks both of you. Unfortunately the scan today showed the baby stopped growing a couple of weeks ago and she has miscarried. Think she's still in the hospital as she didn't answer her phone and I don't want to keep bothering her by ringing.
Even though she was aware this was a real possibility I think she's going to be more devastated than she expected.

Bakingtins Fri 23-Aug-13 22:09:07

Sorry to hear that. The thread I was thinking of is here

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