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Not a BFP, but a very slight P after MC

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Ruggle Wed 21-Aug-13 20:31:43

I had my MC 24 days ago (at 11 weeks). I stopped bleeding after a week and a half but had spotting for a few days after that. I have been POAS every 5 or so days to check my hcg levels are decreasing , and they had been but for the past few days I've been seeing an ever so faint line, that if you weren't looking for you maybe wouldn't see. Is this normal, or should it have completely gone by now?
Added to this, 6 days ago we dtd, and since yesterday I've been tasting metal and feeling ever so slightly crampy. All my pg symptoms had disappeared with the mc, but I'm starting to feel slightly pg again (with the exception of boobs, which aren't sore), and I'm not sure if it's from the old hormones or if there's a slight possibility they are new hormones coming in. Seems a bit too soon to have symptoms, so may just be AF on its way....though I've never tasted metal or had slight cramps prior to AF before....just mega cramps on the arrival of it. Anyone else had weird symptoms like this prior to first AF post MC? My body just feels so weird today.
On the plus side, my feelings of doom and gloom, utter sadness and dispair have lifted and I'm feeling very positive about TTC, even so soon after the MC, which two weeks ago was the last thing on my mind!

kasareem Wed 21-Aug-13 22:02:02

Hi Ruggle, I'm not going to be an awful lot of help as I'm only 21 days post mmc from my first pg so I'm not sure about all this either. But I had a fairly obvious positive on a hpt recently (and I'm definitely not pg as we are waiting until after 1st af to start ttc again!) so I guess a very feint one at 25 days post mc isn't that unusual? I don't want to stop you hoping it's a new pg at all as I've heard LOTS of stories of people getting pregnant straight away after mc, but at the same time it would be very easy to get your hopes up and be let down again. Great to hear you're feeling better emotionally! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! xx

kittykatsforever Thu 22-Aug-13 09:26:25

I was told if I was still getting a positive 10 days after mc to contact the hospital to make sure there were no retained products, 20+ days seems along time to still be getting it so I would call the Erpc anyway, I got pregnant straight after a mc but did have a bfn first so knew it was a new pregnancy, 6 days from TTC does sound very early to get and kind of + or symptoms, did you have any bfn at all?

Ruggle Thu 22-Aug-13 12:30:22

Hi Kitty

I got a BFN on one test which I think was a Boots cheapy one, but since then used Superdrug one which still shows a very very faint faint that I wondered if it might show up if I just dipped it in water rather than pee....which I may do just to check.
I tried a First Response test yesterday as well, and it shows a very faint line also. I guess the more sensitive tests pick up very very low residual levels of hcg, whereas the cheaper ones probably don' it may just be that.
I don't have the metallic taste today, but I do feel terribly bloated.

kittykatsforever Thu 22-Aug-13 14:40:42

Hmmm really could be either then couldn't it, I wouldn't waste a test dipping it in water lol believe me it won't bring up a line, it is obviously picking up hcg as you got one on the first response test too, those brands are very sensitive but sounds like it could be a new pregnancy, if you can leave it 2 days between the tests, use the same brand and compare line strength, if its darker you have your answer but it sounds quite positive, good luck x

willitbe Sat 24-Aug-13 08:25:26

It could still be residual hcg from the previous pregnancy. Out of my 12 miscarriages two have had very slow decline in hcg.

The first "miscarried"at 6 weeks but instead of losing I just slowly reabsorbs the pregnancy, after a further 6 weeks I finally got a negative test and then the following day started a light normal period.

With the second I was 8 weeks pregnant when I "miscarried" I did not bleed but very slowly the hcg got less, pregnancy tests were still showing faint positive a month later. I finally passed the pregnancy sac at home, having not bleed for the month prior. A day later my pregnancy test was negative and the following day my normal period started.

So it is very possible that you still have some retained products of conception and that this will come away with your next period.

Obviously it would be lovely if you were pregnant again so quickly, I had this with my youngest child. It was hard though through the start of the pregnancy when the LMP date that everyone asks for is the date of your miscarriage. It was difficult in this respect, but it all worked out in the end for me.

I hope that you get the result that you wish for, and hope you don't mind me being so candid here. I just want to reassure you that slow decline in hcg is not a problem, but does not always mean that a new pregnancy has started. And that bleeding stopping and then restarting during a miscarriage is also normal. Although I did apparently ovulate during the month of still having hcg in me, so you could have too and it would be great for you to be pregnant again so soon.

Ruggle Thu 29-Aug-13 13:43:49

Thanks for your replies.

This old business just gets stranger and stranger!
So, I POAS about 6 days ago and it was BFN. Yesterday morning I POAS (just because I had a stick left over) and it was ever so slightly showing a line again, but again this was a first response test so the previous one was probably just not as sensitive. Then yesterday afternoon (32 days after mc) I got what felt like mild period cramps on my right side, followed by very small amount of spotting. Still spotting today, brown, and only when I wipe (sorry if tmi)...but no pain. Could this have been ovulation pain? I've never had it before, or spotting mid cycle before, other than implantation bleeding with the baby that I miscarried. That happened about 9 days after dtd. Yesterday was 14 days after dtd (and we hadn't done it since due to being on hols sharing a room with step-munchkin, among other things) so perhaps a bit late to be implantation bleeding (as much as I'd like it to be). No sign of AF yet, unless this is the start of it, but I usually start with terrible cramps and full on heavy bleeding...not spotting....and I always have very sore boobs from 9 days before AF. Mine are not sore at all.

So I guess after all this waffle, my question is has anyone else had pain/spotting before first AF after miscarriage? I would just like to know if this is "normal" or do I need to get checked out?

Ruggle Mon 23-Sep-13 14:36:30

Hello again

Well, I did get my AF on 1st Sept, after 35 days (which is my normal average cycle length), but now, three weeks later I have had a strong metallic taste again (a bit like hairspray!) as well as almost constant mild cramping for the past week. My next AF isn't due until 6th October! Has anyone else experienced this weirdness mid cycle after a mc? I would rush to think I was pregnant, except for the fact I had similar symptoms last month as well, and I clearly wasn't.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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