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What did you do with your miscarried baby?

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Notannabell Tue 20-Aug-13 02:00:07

Yesterday I miscarried my 12+5 weeks baby. I've spend most of the day (and night) in A&E and am exhausted. I can't sleep though as I can't stop thinking what should I do with my little treasure.
What did you do? Or have you got any ideas?

overthemill Fri 06-Dec-13 12:41:46

Our baby had cremation with ceremony organised and paid for by hospital. We attended and later scattered his ashes in a special place. I am so sorry you had this happen

Kaluki Fri 06-Dec-13 12:45:29

So sorry for your loss OP.
I lost a baby at 12 weeks when I was just 18.
I was rushed to hospital and the baby came out in the ambulance and then I went straight for a D&C and I never knew what they did with it. It gave me nightmares for years.
I was too young and naive to even ask what would happen to the remains. They put me next to the maternity ward surrounded by mothers and newborns - I nearly lost my mind sad
The nurse told me to cheer up - I'd had a lucky escape as I was too young anyway shock
So glad things have changed and MC is handled so much more sensitively nowadays.

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