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2 miss miscarriage...will I have a baby?

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Triny4ever Mon 19-Aug-13 19:22:58

I am a 42 year old and have had 2 missed miscarriages. The first miscarriage occurred when I was 38. I went for my first ultrasound (12 weeks) and they could not detect a heartbeat. I was told that my baby had stopped developing at 8 weeks. As you could guess I was devastated as this was my first pregnancy. I had a D and C done a week later. I could not go through this pain again. Four years later we decided to try again. I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle. I had visited a fertility clinic. I did not know I was pregnant at the time and completed the testing that was required by the clinic. I did a home pregnancy test thinking that it would come back negative but to my surprise I got a big fat positive. I was so excited because I never thought that I would get pregnant so fast. I went back to the clinic and they had me do a blood test. I got the test result the same day…I was indeed pregnant and my HCG level was 5900. I went back to the fertility clinic that same week and had an ultrasound. I was able to see the heartbeat at 107 beats per minute. I was so happy when I got my baby’s first picture. I was told that because of my age (42) that I needed to have weekly ultrasounds done until my 12th week. I went back the following week for the next ultrasound and they could not detect a heartbeat. Again, I was devastated. I had my second D and C 2 days later. I am still waiting to have my first period after my D and C to try to conceive again. I am not going to give up; I am going to keep trying until I can’t try any more. In my heart I know that I will hold my baby in my hands one day. I am going to stay positive and just believe in myself.

Bakingtins Mon 19-Aug-13 19:35:37

Hi Triny I'm very sorry that you've had to go through this again. It's probably worth asking if you can have recurrent miscarriage testing. It's not normally done until you've had 3 in a row but they may take your age into account. I'd also ask if it's possible to get tests done on the baby this time. You need to know if these losses are due to chromosome problems or not. I've had 4 MC, kept bring told I was unlucky and it was likely to be chromosomal reasons due to my age (38) but tests showed most recent loss was perfect. sad
I'd also get back to the fertility clinic for your results to see what your fertility is like and how much time you realistically have.
If you have questions about testing come and join the recurrent miscarriage thread 7.

Kasterborous Mon 19-Aug-13 22:57:33

Hi Trinny so sorry to hear about your losses. Miscarriage is awful. I think only you know how much more you can try. It sounds like its very raw for you at the moment. To be honest it never goes away just becomes easier to live with. I had six miscarriages before I had DD last March. I was nearly 40 so not that young. Might be worth mentioning aspirin to your GP. They told me they often recommend it for people over the age of 35 to try if they have had repeated miscarriages. It's not a 'miracle cure' but worth asking about.

If you want to ask me anything please feel free to pm me.

I wish you the very best of luck for the future.

TheUnstoppableWindmill Mon 19-Aug-13 23:25:49

Just wanted to say that I've been just where you are and now have a healthy 14 month old. It does happen!
It is very likely to be just bad luck- awful, heartbreaking, but surprisingly common. It IS worth pushing for testing because of your age- after my second the nhs did do some blood tests to check clotting factors, hormones etc when I pushed for it, even though they initially said they wouldn't until I'd had 3 miscarriages. In the end, everything came back clear and the only thing I did differently was taking low-dosage aspirin for the first 12 weeks, and that was only because I felt as though I needed to 'do' something.
It's a fantastic sign that you got pregnant on your 2nd cycle- really good news (took me more like 5 months each time). Take care of yourself & good luck.

TheUnstoppableWindmill Mon 19-Aug-13 23:29:02

Oh and I just want to add that most women who have 2 mmc will have a healthy baby the next time that they fall pregnant- not just some- most! It's easy to forget that when you feel as though there must be something wrong when there (statistically) probably isn't.

LittleFeileFooFoo Mon 19-Aug-13 23:30:20

hi OP, i feel your pain, I was in the same place about a year and a half ago. I'd had two missed miscarriages, and ha the testing which came back as "you're fine but old" However, two days before my 42nd birthday I had Yunior!

coco2303 Fri 23-Aug-13 17:35:16

Hi everybody, I have also been in the same situation the only difference is is that I don't have the age factor. Which ok you could say that I had more time, however you would think a 'younger' body would work properly. I do have my mom as an example though. She was trying for 2 years and had a miscarriage, her and her partner went for tests, she gave birth to my little brother a month before she turned 40 and he is nearly 2 now.

Myself I am 23 and had 3 miscarriages (before 12 weeks) and a stillborn babygirl (28 weeks). I now finally have my beautiful earth baby so there is hope

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