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What can/should I do to support my best friend?

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OPeaches Thu 15-Aug-13 18:59:17

My best friend in the world went for her scan today. She thought a&e was almost 13 weeks but sadly the baby had stopped developing weeks ago. I want to help her so much, she is is so much pain emotionally. She's not started miscarrying yet.

I've been incredibly lucky never to have gone through a MC. Is there anything I can do to help her? I feel so helpless, I just want to take her pain away.

OPeaches Thu 15-Aug-13 18:59:36

she, not A&E!

Bakingtins Thu 15-Aug-13 19:40:38

Say how sorry you are and don't say anything to try and minimise the loss more on what not to say here
Point her in this direction if she needs somewhere to ask questions or vent.
Offer some practical help, babysit other children if she has them?
Large bottle of wine, family size bar of chocolate and a big hug.
Be available to either talk about it or take her out to take her mind off it in the coming weeks.
Make a note in your diary of when her due date would have been and send a supportive card or text at this point, when most people will have forgotten about it.

OPeaches Thu 15-Aug-13 20:15:10

Thank you, for the advice and for the link.

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