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Is this normal?

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bonzo77 Wed 14-Aug-13 19:52:37

Sorry for what you are going through. My mmc picked up at 12 weeks. I'd had a little marmitey discharge the day before. A few days later I had really heavy, painful bleeding / bits of tissues (sorry about TMI) for several hours. Then light, bright red loss on and off till my next scan 10 days later. Bizarrely the scan showed the sac was still present, and lots of tissue. At my ERPC 10 days after that I was told that a "significant amount" of tissue was removed. (The delays were because I was lucky enough to be diagnosed just before Christmas, have my second scan between Christmas and new year, and my erpc just after new year. At least I had every excuse to get totally wrecked on NYE. On prescription pain killers and booze. Hollow laugh).

Sorry, long... Anyway, all miscarriages are different. If you are worried go to EPAU, or maternity triage (not ideal as there will be pregnant women there, some in labour). I actually had superb care from NHS direct, not sure how you'd get on with NHS111 though. If you get bleeding which requires you soak the massive pads in less than an hour you need to go to a and e.

Ruggle Wed 14-Aug-13 19:37:24

I had the heaviset bleeding over the first 24hours and nearly everything came out. A scan showed some clots remained, but I chose to wait and see if they passed on their own. I had period type bleeding for a week and then passed the last large clot, and then just had very light bleeding and spotting for another few days. I went for a follow up scan and they were happy that I'd passed everything.
From what I've read it can be very different though, so I don't think there is a "normal". Just make sure you get a scan after about a week to check things are heading back to normal.

Bakingtins Wed 14-Aug-13 17:10:35

IME I've had very heavy bleeding for about 24 hours during which I've passed the sac then it has settled down to period like or lighter for about another 7-10 days, towards the end of that time it's been just spotting (requiring pantyliner rather than pad) It does stop and start a bit.
You should have a follow up scan to ensure you've passed everything and the lining is back to normal dimensions (I think less than 14mm they are happy with but don't quote me on that)

PinaColadas Wed 14-Aug-13 16:07:51

Hi Joni I'm really sorry for your loss.

I second what nearly said about a scan, I've just had to have an ERPC 8 weeks on because had retained products. Always worth checking but I had 48 hours of heavy bleeding then spotting on and off for the full 8 weeks before demanding another scan.

nearlyreadytopop Wed 14-Aug-13 15:11:39

sorry for your loss joni do you have an appointment for another scan? after my mmc my bleeding stopped quite quickly, 6 weeks later I needed an erpc for retained products.

Souredstones Wed 14-Aug-13 14:51:37

I bled steadily heavier for 4 days the heaviest of which was 2 days before I had the complete miscarriage. The bleeding has all but stopped now after 4 weeks of continual bleeding (only 10 days of which were after the baby stopped developing)

Does that make sense??

JoniR Wed 14-Aug-13 13:40:29

Discovered I had MMC on monday, began to bleed quite heavily yesterday. This morning it's reduced significantly. I thought you were meant to bleed quite heavily for around 2 weeks? Is it normal for it to happen in fits and starts?

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