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Medical Management - didn't work day 1 but possibly work on day 2?

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geewaf Sat 10-Aug-13 08:55:30

HI. I had MM yesterday and some bleeding and pain the in the afternoon but no miscarriage.
Nothing overnight either
Hospital have said to wait it out as it can happen today or tomorrow and I just wondered if this had happened to anyone?
Feels like the treatment has failed which I am prepared to accept as I just can't see how it could work today as the tablets have now come out (i'm told that is normal)
Just wondered if anyone else had been in this situation?

Bakingtins Sat 10-Aug-13 19:03:32

Didn't you have 2 lots of misoprostol to apply? Mine worked after the second dose but the plan from the off was 2 doses 24 hrs apart. I did the first one in hospital, stayed for an hour to ensure I didn't react badly, then was given another dose to do at home the next day. I felt like it was working at it's peak about 4 hours after insertion, it sounds a bit doubtful that a dose yesterday would still be doing anything.
I guess you give it the time they advise then you have the option of another/ a higher dose or moving on to surgical option.

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