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Miscarriage Question ??????

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StupidMistakes Sun 18-Aug-13 07:56:21

You may have a while. With my first mmc I went for my scan. Should have been 14 weeks 4 days but the baby had died at 8, I then waited 9days for medical management. I still had not had a spot of blood or any signs of miscarriage when I went in for the procedure. Sometimes it just doesnt happen naturally. My second mmc I found out quite soon (due to being kicked in the stomach) I waited three weeks after finding out before going to my doctor and asking for the procedure. It was confirmed and the following week I had an erpc. They were my two unborn angels. Beautiful and pure. My 1st was over 7 years ago n I still havenr forgotten either of them

Fancies40Winks Sat 10-Aug-13 11:07:30

I'm sorry this has happened to you again.

I was told my baby stopped developing at 5 weeks, I had an ERPC yesterday at 10 weeks, and had only the tiniest bit of spotting. I was told a mmc can take up to 6 weeks to get started, so I'm afraid you may have a while yet.

Bakingtins Sat 10-Aug-13 04:29:47

Hi Amanda. I'm v sorry you are facing this again. I've also had 3 miscarriages in the last year and it is heartbreaking to have it go wrong again and again. I don't think there's an easy answer to your question, it can take the body a while in a MMC to recognise what has happened. Have you thought about/been offered medical management if you want to avoid surgery? The other thing I'd factor in is that you will now be entitled to recurrent miscarriage testing and I'd want the baby tested. You can save the sac after a natural or medically managed miscarriage but it's a bit grim, it would be another reason to have the ERPC. If you are going to go for investigations there's a lovely supportive thread on this board (RMC testing thread 7) for advice and support through the process. Do come and join us in the club nobody wants to be a member of.....

OliviaIsOffTheGinMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Aug-13 22:39:44

Done for you =
All v best to you

CoconutSponge Fri 09-Aug-13 22:23:33

Hi Amanda, hope you are ok, just wondering if you also saw my message above?

07amandaa Fri 09-Aug-13 21:32:54

Yes I'm sorry I couldn't find that topic I'm new to this site.

OliviaIsOffTheGinMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Aug-13 19:34:48

Hello there

So sorry to read this .
Can't help you with your question I'm afraid
Do let us know if you'd like us to move this to our miscarriage topic

CoconutSponge Fri 09-Aug-13 19:33:37

Really sorry to hear your news, as I understand it can take several weeks for things to happen naturally.

When you had your last scan, how many weeks were you by your dates?

It can take a while for your body to recognise what has happened and for the hormones to fall enough for things to start happening after that. Also sometimes things can reabsorb rather than be passed out, sorry if that is a bit too graphic, just something else to consider maybe.

Did you ask for a second opinion at your scan? In your shoes I would be asking to go back for another scan to see whats happening.

Do you have any other symptoms? x

07amandaa Fri 09-Aug-13 19:10:56

It's been three weeks since I went in for my first ultrasound and baby measured at 8wks and a half, no heartbeat though. This will be my third MC in one year, sad to say but with the last two I've MC naturally and I plan on doing the same only this time only baby seems to be taking longer to pass. My question is how long can it take to miscarry? With my last two they passed in two weeks and the other in 3 days. This is the longest I've gone so far with no signs of sporting or cramps. My Dr hasn't gotten back to me over the phone yet but last I spoke to her she strongly suggested a D&C which I want so badly to avoid. Any tips on speeding up there process to miscarry naturally?

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