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How long could this go on for?

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girlindevon Thu 08-Aug-13 12:29:12

Hi everyone,

MMC last year at 12 weeks, medically managed which was horrendous. Currently about 6 weeks pregnant and have now been bleeding for 4 weeks in total. Initially brown but since Monday it's been fresh, red blood with small clots and cramps. Scan on Tuesday showed no heartbeat but they said it was early anyway and that it had grown from a scan I had last week. I've got another scan booked for next Tuesday and if no hb is seen then it's pretty much game over.

The thing is I'm pretty sure this is it, I don't see how I can have a viable pregnancy with this much pain and blood but how long could it be until it's over? I haven't passed anything that could be 'product' but have been signed off work, am sat at home in limbo until next Tuesday, alone with paracetamol, hot water bottle, pain and bleeding. Will they still do an ERCP if I've been bleeding for this long?

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Thu 08-Aug-13 13:42:14

Hi girl sorry to hear of your previous loss.

For me I spotted at around 6 weeks, had a scan, saw a heartbeat, bled heavier that week, went back, had a scan at 7+6ish and saw a heartbeat and was sent away. Sunday just gone I bled very heavily, went to hospital and had an internal and swabs etc had a scan booked for Wednesday but Tuesday morning I had a massive flood of blood. Went straight in had a scan and baby stopped growing a few days after my previous scan, so at about 8+3 and had no heartbeat and they confirmed a mmc.

I have had very heavy bleeding since, including clots but nothing that I would think to be the sac.

My ERPC is booked for tomorrow and I will have been bleeding continuously for just over 3 weeks at this point.

Can you go back to the EPU and request a scan sooner? they need to see if anything is in your womb to decide what is the best action for you sadly.

So sorry you're going through this.

girlindevon Thu 08-Aug-13 14:10:08

Hi soured

Thanks for your reply, really sorry to hear that you're going through this too. I thought about an earlier scan but as it's still early I don't know if it would change their management at this stage. Hopefully next Tuesday I will know for sure and can get an ERCP sorted. It's just shit isn't it and it's my birthday on Sunday. Happy fricking birthday.

JBrd Thu 08-Aug-13 16:28:17

girl So sorry to hear about your loss, and that you find yourself in the same situation again. It just sucks.

I had an ERPC at 11 weeks in January for my first mc, and at the time I was told that the determining factor whether they can/will do the surgery is the size of the sac/pregnancy products. I was very borderline, apparently, initially I was told that it was too small, and I'd have to either wait to pass it naturally or go for the medical management. However, one of the surgeons who reviewed my case then agreed that she would do the procedure.

I don't think that it matters for how long you have been bleeding, when I had the surgery, I had been bleeding for over 5 weeks, and it never came up as a criteria.
I would try and discuss your options with the EPU when you go in for your next scan.

Good luck, hope that you can get some clarity soon.

Bakingtins Thu 08-Aug-13 17:02:10

Girl I'm sorry you are facing this again. I bled for 6 weeks with my DS2 and it was all fine. I'd previously had a MC and was convinced every day that I was losing him, but he was ok. I've also had 3 MC since, so pessimism is the order of the day for me. Better to prepare for the worst but hope for the best until you know for definite. I'm afraid it has to be a week apart - their criteria for diagnosing a MMC is no development for a week, or no HB when one was seen on a previous scan. They won't go just on too small for your dates, even if you are sure.
I'm sorry you have been left in limbo, it is really difficult to cope with. I'd be very interested to know what the criteria is for offering an ERPC as I've never been able to have one even though it would be my preference. Since I've been bleeding by the time the MC was confirmed I've had to do it naturally, and when I had retained products I had medical management. I think there is often less choice involved than the leaflets etc would suggest.

girlindevon Fri 09-Aug-13 19:01:59

Hi ladies,

Just to update you - the pain reached epic levels this morning so I went in to hospital. They scanned me and confirmed it was a miscarriage. I requested an ERPC and there were no problems, they didn't mention any criteria for the procedure. Had excellent care and am now home, bit sore but nothing terrible.

Thanks for all your replies xx

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