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Reassurance needed please!!!

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frutilla Mon 05-Aug-13 17:14:57

I had a missed m/c, fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks, I started bleeding at 11 weeks and that went on for 2 weeks end ended a few days ago. Today I had a scan and the tech said I should see the doctor immediately, today. I have an appt in a few hours time. My uterus has grown and so has the sac, the endometrium has thickened and doubled over the contents (it's in spanish, hard to understand). She also wrote that she couldn't see my ovaries. Is that bad??
Does anyone know if this sounds manageable. I don't mind having an ERPC but scared it could be worse. Thanks in advance!

Bakingtins Mon 05-Aug-13 18:43:23

Hi Frutilla sorry to hear that. Is there a native speaker who can go with you when you see the doctor? It must be an extra layer of complication trying to do this in another language. I would imagine what they are worried about is a molar pregnancy. Hope you get some clarity at the appointment. If that turns out to be the concern, there is information here

frutilla Mon 05-Aug-13 19:50:08

Thanks Bakingtins. I don't think it's molar (if I understood the e-leaflet correctly) as the sac now appears empty, the fetus was tiny before, only 3.3mm. It's possible she didn't spot it this time. And she wrote that she didn't see my ovaries, so they can't have been enlarged. I can understand the doc well enough, but what they write on a scan is very shorthand. I will see him in 2 hrs so will have to be patient in both senses!

escorpion Tue 06-Aug-13 02:09:21

Hi Frutilla, I am in Chile, so also Spanish speaking, luckily I am fluent but still things can get lost in translation. I started bleeding heavily a week ago and decided to have the D&C, although the embryo had shrunk, the lining had grown as did the sack and I had a lot of tissue inside. I am sure they mean this, which can be sorted out with the operation. Maybe something got lost in translation as I fail to see why they couldn´t see your ovaries, maybe they said your ovaries were clear?? Wishing you all the best xx

frutilla Tue 06-Aug-13 19:44:51

Thanks escorpion. Well they said "no visualizados" for the ovaries which means they didn't see them. But the stupid typist left out the info about the sac on the report and the doc thought my uterus was all clear! He was ready to send me home. I had to insist they had seen it, and then he called the hospital and then they confirmed the sac is still there and the typist forgot to include that part.
He wants me to take misoprostol but I had 2 c-sections and am scared to do this.
His dose is 2 orally and 4 vaginally (total 1200 mcg) and I think that sounds alot.
I also am worried that he couldn't read the scan pics (6 of them) and see the sac without it being in the typed part. It looked clear even to me as a layperson.
I booked another scan tomorrow somewhere else, I want to make sure about the sac before I decide what to do.

escorpion Wed 07-Aug-13 02:59:08

Well wishing you good luck, don´t feel pressured into doing anything until you are sure, as it is private medical insurance they really seem to encourange surgical procedure here and I didn´t want that until I had my facts straight and at least tried to pass the products myself first. Will be thinking about you xx

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