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11+2 and just started bleeding

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AhoyMcCoy Wed 31-Jul-13 18:44:47

11weeks two days today- it's my first pregnancy. Had a few cramps last night but no where near as strong as "period cramps", more just like twinges. Found some dark red blood, but not much, in my underwear just now.

If I go to my local A&E, is there anything they can do? My 12 week scan isn't until next Wednesday- I can't wait a week of not knowing. sad

MabelMay Sun 04-Aug-13 03:18:56

Am so sorry for your loss ahoy. It's a horrible time, and you must allow yourself time to grieve, and cry and get angry and hide away, or get out and tell your friends, or whatever you feel like doing. I've just suffered my second miscarriage in 6 months - so I know how you feel, and I just want to offer you my sincerest sympathy. Of course you will have a baby in the future, but that doesn't make right now any easier, so just be gentle with yourself. Take care x

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