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katherine12345 Sun 28-Jul-13 18:55:47

i was 5 weeks pregnant and started to have a bleed, assumed ive miscarried however im still bleeding nearly 3 weeks on and got a scan on wed to check things out. ive had no pain i cant help thinking that perhaps theres a chance its still there, i also did a pregnancy test which is still positive. Am i just being hopeful? im so confused and find waiting for the scan a long and horrible process! the longer it goes on the more i seem to think there may be a chance, i dont know why my brain is suddenly thinking like this, i was sure id miscarried last week!? any1 had any similar experiences?

Bakingtins Sun 28-Jul-13 19:17:08

You can bleed a lot and it can still be ok. I bled from 8-14 weeks with my DS2 and he's fine. I'd had a MC before him and every day was convinced we'd lost him. If you still have a positive test after 3 weeks from that relatively early stage then I would think either there is an ongoing pregnancy or some retained tissue. In general the further on you are when you MC then the longer it takes for HCg to fall to zero.
Only the scan is going to tell you. Do you have one booked? Will cross everything that you get good news.

katherine12345 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:46:56

thanks Bakingtins, yes i have a scan booked for wednseday, which feels like ages away, i cant think about anything else, its constantly on my mind its so hard waiting to find out for sure!
i am hoping so badly that i get good news, but i must remember that bad news is likely too! :-(

Thatssofunny Sun 28-Jul-13 20:23:05

It can still go either way, katherine, so fingers crossed for you. There are, as bakingtins says, lots of people who have a bleed and everything turns out fine.
Did they take any bloods from you or haven't you actually been seen, yet? I'm surprised that you have to wait so long for a scan appointment. I got all my EPU appointments so far on the next day (as in, I called up in the afternoon, they asked me to come in the next morning). hmm Not sure whether that depends on where in the country you are...? confused

I miscarried on the 11th, at five weeks. It's taken until the 25th for me to start bleeding - so I'm currently going through the "period-like" bit, with bleeding and cramping. My pregnancy test was still positive on that day, but went to EPU and apparently all cleared out. I've had no pain until the mild cramping started on the 25th (and my af is usually a bitch, so nothing new there, really) and only brown spotting until then. I've got another appointment this week, when hcg levels will hopefully have dropped (they hadn't really changed much since my second bloods had been taken, but had halved in the 48 hours between first and second blood test).

Good luck. Hopefully everything will be ok.

katherine12345 Sun 28-Jul-13 21:04:52

hi 'thatssofunny' i went to my gp who referred me for a scan, im surprised i have to wait so long 2! my gp didnt seem very interested in what i was saying like shed seen it a million times before. she told me to do another pregnancy test but didn't do one for me? i wasnt sure what the point in doing another test was anyway as i know the hormone can be present after miscarriage. she didnt take any bloods just sent me on my way for another week of hell awaiting my scan appointment!
sorry 2 hear ur going through an m/c, its a horrible time, i had one back in april and have been trying since then, so have all my fingers crossed this time!! wishing you lots of luck and hope for your next pregnancy!

Thatssofunny Sun 28-Jul-13 21:22:06

Really sorry that your GP seems to be so uncaring. sad It's really not nice, and I can't imagine how much more difficult it must be when you are just being left alone with it. I really hope everything will be ok for you.

I went to A&E when the bleeding started. They were lovely and looked after me, since DP was at home and had no way of getting to the hospital. They did a pg test and took my bloods. Later that evening, they called me for an appointment with the EPU. Went there, had another blood test. Was supposed to have a scan the next day (would have been a Sunday), if levels had increased, but that wasn't the case. They told me to take a test a week later and to get back to them, if it was still positive. It was, so went back to EPU and had internal scan and another round of blood tests. I thought that was normal. As a "foreigner", I'm already struggling with the idea that I'm not being seen by any doctors, but have midwives and nurses looking after me. (Nothing against midwives and nurses, as everyone's been lovely so far, but they aren't usually qualified for these things in my home country.)

katherine12345 Mon 29-Jul-13 19:51:04

did another positive pregnancy test today, i feel like im going out of mind with all the not knowing and what ifs! still bleeding a fair amount! not long til Wednesday now!

Thatssofunny Mon 29-Jul-13 20:15:16

Do your test lines get darker?

katherine12345 Mon 29-Jul-13 20:53:03

no just the same, but only using cheap tests, dont know how good they are

Bakingtins Wed 31-Jul-13 10:18:50

Good luck today katherine let us know what happens, either way.

katherine12345 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:14:32

hi, been for scan there is nothing left behind and i am not pregnant, it feels like its happening all over again as i think i had deep down convinced myself my pregnancy had continued cos of the positive tests!

I feel so so low like i just want to disappear! i am still bleeding, the nurse said my womb lining was thin but didn't say what this means? any ideas? she didn't give me any ideas as to why im still bleeding either and i just cant b bothered to go an see the doctor again!
how do i pick myself up,i just feel so so depressed!! :-(

Bakingtins Wed 31-Jul-13 12:36:23

I'm sorry katherine it's very hard when the spark of hope is extinguished. Your womb lining being thin is a good thing, they have a cut off after a miscarriage (I think it's less than 15mm thick) which means no further intervention is required, and hopefully means your bleeding will settle down and stop soon.
You don't need to "pick yourself up" just yet - you've had a horrible period of being in limbo and it's only really today that you've had any clarity as to what has happened, so you need to take a bit of time to process that and grieve as you see fit for the lost baby, then you can move forward again. You won't always feel so bad about it, but it's normal to feel horribly sad at this point because you lost something very special.

katherine12345 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:52:33

thank you for your advice and support, it is hard to think straight at the moment and your words are a real help!
im sure i will feel better in time its just so hard!!!

Thatssofunny Wed 31-Jul-13 15:05:40

Sorry to hear that it wasn't better news. sad I was still hoping, until they told me at the scan that everything had gone and I found out results for the second blood test. Hope you'll be feeling better soon. At least when everything is gone, you should be back to normal quite soon. (My body still hasn't quite understood that it isn't pregnant anymore. It's still showing up symptoms, still giving me positive tests, still bleeding - although that seems to slow down now - and my lining was apparently really thick last time they checked.)

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