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Waiting to miscarry

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telbel Thu 25-Jul-13 19:48:49

Had a scan today to find although the sac has grown there is no baby in it, im 7 weeks by my dates....had a miscarriage 6 months ago but that started with bleeding and then a week or so later it was all over, this is different this time round as I feel so pregnant and have no bleeding...Just want this bloody thing out of me now..want it to happen naturally but cant wait watching my uterus continue growing and all these pregnancy symptoms continue whislt I go about life at work and looking after my 3 year old just waiting to start bleeding, want to do it naturally like last time even as harrowing as it was, but want to take the tablets to kick it off and also want to just have a d and c and it all be over with but Im not good in hospitals and have never had an operation and the thought terrifies me. This whole last 6 months having had 2 miscarriages has really changed me and I don't think I could do this again....time is a great healer and as awful as it is to lose a child that never was its the passing it and physically getting it out that is the worst bit of all...feel absolutely lost.

Bakingtins Thu 25-Jul-13 19:54:33

Telbel , so sorry you are going through this again. There seem to be a lot of 2nd miscarriages on the board at the moment sad

It's a case of picking the least-worst option, and that will be different for everyone. You say that the physical process of a natural miscarriage was very difficult last time. Is that worse than your fear of hospitals/an operation? Most people seem to feel that an ERPC is physically the easiest way to get it over with. I've had the tablets for an incomplete miscarriage and they do cause very painful cramps so if you go for that option make sure the hospital give you some heavy duty painkillers (and I've given birth twice with just gas and air). It's not a time to be brave.

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